Saturday, May 14, 2011

When He Can't Call...

I think one of the hardest things about being an Army Wife, is having to go through periods of time without any contact from my man.  It's tough!

I think Basic Training was the WORST!  Only because Ben hasn't been through a real deployment, yet -- I have limited experiences to go by.  But whether or not he is stateside, an hour away or over seas, not being able to hit him on speed dial any time I want, really stinks!  I know I need to get used to it, because as soon as he is commissioned in a couple years, he will most likely be deployed... many times.

But does anyone ever get used to being without their man?  I mean you adjust and get into a routine, but life just isn't complete without him.

This week Ben has a training on a base that has no cell phone reception.  He has trainings there every 6 months for 4-5 days at a time, and I hate it.   I don't get to talk to him.  Being able to chat for a few minutes at night when he is gone for longer periods of time make the days more bearable without him.  But not getting to talk at all... drives me crazy.

I make a little list of things I want to tell him, so I don't forget when he comes home.  The list can get pretty long!  From funny things the kids do, to stuff I see on TV or on the news.  He's my best friend, and it is so hard for me not to be able to pick up the phone and tell him that Sam told me today that he didn't want to grow big boobies like mommy.  Or that Nephi said he wanted to be an Army Pirate when he grows up.

I know I need to buck up.  And I will.  I think I did really well when he was gone that whole year a year ago. I guess I am just getting used to having him home now, that these longer summer trainings are getting on my nerves.

So I have thought up a few things for me to do to keep my mind off his on and off absences this summer.

1.  Focus on getting back in shape.  I am going to do the walking challenge again, announcement coming next week!

2.  Deep clean the house.

3.  Hold a summer preschool for my boys with crafts, field trips, and activities.

4.  Visit family.  Road trips are fun... and my boys are pretty good little travelers.

5.  Work on my hats.  See my shop here!

6.  Keep up my blog and writing.  With the pregnancy and new baby, I have been a bit of a slacker lately and I need to pick it back up!  (By the way, I am getting creamed in the contest, so pop over and vote for me please!!!!!)

What do you do to pass the time when your hubby is gone??



Samantha @ three birds on a branch said...

I agree, BT was the worst.

My husband is in AIT right now. We get to talk during the day for a few hours via text. When I am not able to talk to him, I usually:

Browse online (mostly)
Message boards
Go outside with my son
Play with my son
Clean (& laundry)

We are in the process of getting ready to move this summer so I have been packing everything and getting it ready to go.

My days are pretty boring but that is how I get through my day without talking to my husband. I am probably going to be a mess when he is deployed one of these days.

Mama Nut said...

Yeah, AIT went by SOOOO much faster than Basic just because I could talk to him every night. And AIT for Ben was 7 months. I think I will have a hard time when he is deployed, but I know I can do it.

****Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife**** said...

You bring back some good memories! When I was in your shoes...however many years ago, I didn't have the internet or a blog to share my thoughts. I love to see though that some things remain exactly the same being new to Army life as a spouse:-) Found you on Circle of Moms and hope to continue following your journey!

Samantha @ three birds on a branch said...

AIT is definitely going much faster than Basic. I can't wait until we get stationed in Ft. Hood this summer. I am so ready for my husband and I to live together again.

pinkseaturtles said...

I love this post! My hubby is at BCT right now... it stinks! And not being able to call him and tell him about our everyday stuff here at home really stinks, like you said. But I am writing him a letter every day to help me unwind at night... and I just tell him everything about my day. It helps me feel like I am still able to "talk" to him. I also feel like BCT is training for him AND me... training for life as a single mom when he needs to do more training or gets deployed. :) Love your blog!