Monday, May 23, 2011

Miracles & Moments of Grace: A Book Review

It is a paradox of war that you experience not only the worst that humanity can be, but the best humanity can be. 

It's kind of crazy, I never once get asked to do a book review in the 2 plus years I have been blogging, then BAM within a two week period, I get asked to do three!  My first one I did a few weeks ago.  That book was fairly short and easy to get through.  But these next two books are not only lengthy, but very deep and have taken me a while to get through them because I can only read a few pages at a time -- you know, they are the types you have to let soak in and think about.

The funny thing is, both of these books are based on military subjects.  Some of my favorite stuff!

This first book I would like to review is called Miracles & Moments of Grace:  Inspiring Stories from Military Chaplains, by Nancy B. Kennedy.

As a seasoned reader, and highly critical when it comes to books and authors, I am pleased to admit, that this book is a winner!  And I will most likely read this again, if not many more times in the future.

Is there anyone anymore that doesn't talk about the war at least once a day?  I know we think about it more than that.  After being in war for almost 10 years now, our children don't even know what it is like to NOT be in a war.  The images are everywhere: on TV, in the movies, computer or video games, YouTube, you name it -- it's everywhere.  And not necessarily a bad thing, I think we need to be reminded that our men and women are out there fighting to protect us back here at home.  We need to pray for them and think of them, keep them in our hearts.

But contrary to Hollywood, it's not all blood and gore (when was the last time a war movie came out that was NOT rated R?).  That's where this book comes in.  There are amazing things going on in the mist of war and our soldiers and we don't get to hear about it often.  This book is 50 or so stories written by our military chaplains and their amazing experiences while serving this country.

Let's face it, it's scary to send a loved one over seas and wonder if you will ever see them again.  I am totally nervous about when my husband becomes re-deployable in a couple years.  I KNOW he will be sent out to take his turn fighting for us.  And it really scares me.  But this book, Miracles & Moments of Grace, gave me hope that things will probably be alright.  It brought me comfort to know that there are men and women out there in the military whose soul purpose and job is to bring comfort to the soldiers and ease their burdens.  They do so much more than provide religious instruction, this I did not know.

What I liked is that the chaplains are from many, many different religions.  But when the fighting gets tough, the soldiers just didn't care who was instructing them, because in the end they were all worshiping the same God.

I really, really enjoyed this book, and I hope that all of you will pop over and check it out.  Here's the
Amazon Link:

I think my only disappointment, was the fact that there wasn't one story from a chaplain of my own faith (LDS/ Mormon), I think it would have been great if there was.  But I didn't like the book any less for it, seriously, it is a great book.

This book promises that these stories will "touch our hears and lift our spirits," and it definitely lived up to that promise.  A must read for everyone.

And here is a great promotional video I enjoyed:

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Nancy B. Kennedy said...

Thank you, Cat, for your kind and generous review. I'm glad you found hope and comfort in these stories. That's exactly why I wrote them!

TraceyK said...

Cat, I just stumbled on your blog (very charming!) from a link off milspouse forum and want to thank you for recommending this book...can't wait to order it. I've worked in military chapels around the world as a contractor for the Catholics and understand where Ms Kennedy got her stories! I also have some priests I'll be sending it too.
Good luck with your summer challenge...I admire your resolve...mine is so sporadic!! I know my hubs is gonna be in shape when he gets off the plane...ha ha!