Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Irritating the Husband... Opps!

All right...  Ben tells me that I am pathetic and need to stop begging for votes.  So sorry, everyone.  I am new to this sort of thing and I don't know how to ask for votes... I thought you were supposed to?  Right?  I've never run for anything, and this blog has never been nominated.  Probably because I get super competitive and it brings out the "Vote for Me" monster within.  He says (in a really rude way, by the way) that if I am going to ask, then at least I have to be clever!  I thought I was...


Realistically, I probably won't move up the list, but I am super thrilled to just be in the top 10 or 25.  Most of the families running have gone through "real" deployments and I haven't yet... training doesn't really count, so they are more military than I am.  Which doesn't bother me because I would rather NOT have to go through a deployment.

So I am going to cool my jets before dear hubby has an aneurysm and drop kicks me out the door.

(Psssst... if you want to vote for me just because here's the link... shhhh don't tell!)

1 comment:

bulpittzoo said...

Tell your husband to shut the nicest possible way. It's your blog not his!!!
Who cares if you ask for votes. I wasn't planning on voting but not I will cause your husband has made me grumpy!!