Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Entertain the Kiddos When it Rains

I wish I had thought of this a long time ago...

But I really needed some quiet time, it was raining outside, and the kids were bouncing off the walls.  So I had this clever idea of giving them a few items:

1.  My box of washable markers.
2.  A package of colored construction paper.
3. My set of crazy cut scissors.
4. Some glue sticks.

Not kidding you, they may have made a huge mess, but these things kept them busy ALL DAY!  It was awesome!  The kids were quietly playing and crafting and I had some time to myself.  That never happens.

AND they came up with some pretty funny stuff:

And my favorite:
 Sammy the cat... the hat kills me!

How do you keep your kids busy during bad weather?



Samantha @ three birds on a branch said...

Since my son is less than 2 years old, he can't really do crafts without supervision BUT we did do some crafts the other day.

We did a footprint/hand print lobster and a handprint flower.

lobster -

flower -

It was pretty fun. I had to paint Christian's foot and hand, which apparently tickled him because he laughed the whole time. :)

I'm a bad mom so when it is raining, he watches a lot of T.V. Christian is obsessed with cars so he plays with his cars a lot. Sometimes I will chase him around the house or have a tickle war with him.

Heidi said...

Hahahahaha I just can't get over Sammy the Cat!! He is so cute!! I love your boys. Way to go Mom, I bet they had the best day ever!

Carolyn said...

What a lovely blog you have!! Your kids are hilarious! Its been rainy here, and the crazy scissors has saved me a bit too.

I'm a new follower--would love a follow back when you have a moment. I love staying connected with other military blogs.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love catching up on your blog! You're such an awesome mom, what a fun project!