Monday, May 16, 2011

Filthy Words

There were years that I prayed so hard that Sam would start talking.  I would day dream about conversations we would one day have.  Now that he is talking, it is better than I could ever had imagined.  He says the funniest and cleverist things!

Just yesterday, I heard him and Nephi playing in the other room yelling:  "Save Jesus Christ!  Save Jesus Christ!" I thought, "What in the world are they playing!!"  So I walked in and had the following conversation:

Me:  Sam, what are you playing?
Sam:  Pretend.
Me:  What are you pretending?
Sam: I am Spiderman, and Nephi is Iron Man.
Me:  What does that have to do with Jesus?
Sam:  We are superheros and we are saving Jesus Christ!
Me:  What are you saving him from?

At this point, Sam rolled his eyes like I am an idiot.

Sam:  From the cross, mom!

Well, just when you think they don't hear anything you say.  I could have sworn they weren't paying attention when I tried to teach them about the true meaning of Easter.  Figures.  Kids are like the masters of multitasking!  Anyway, I thought it was kind of cute, you know.  We hear so much about Jesus saving us, that it never really crossed my mind that He might need saving off the cross.  I guess my kids figure if anyone can do it Spiderman and Iron Man can.

But just when you think they are cute, kids can turn around in an instant and make you feel like the lowest piece of dirt on the planet by saying the 3 filthiest words a mom can hear:


Yep, last night when I made the boys sleep in separate rooms after I caught Sam torturing his little brother, Sam told me he hated me.


He told me that he was so mad at me that he was going to "cut" me "with scissors!"

It broke my heart.  Not only did my oldest child now hate me, but he hated me enough to wish violence upon me.  SAD!!

Let's just say, that Ben went in and had a little talk with him, and then he came out and told me he was sorry and gave me a hug and a kiss.  But really the damage is done.

Oh, well.  I guess all mom's hear it... I just want to know where they learn it?

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Samantha @ three birds on a branch said...

My son is turning 2 soon so I have a long way to go before he starts telling me he hates me but I am so not looking forward to it. Hopefully, I will be able to just ignore the comment and remember that he doesn't mean it.

Jill said...

It is always hard to hear I Hate You. But it is something every kid does. OH the adventures of motherhood! ;)

Photina said...

I would love to know where they learn it from. My oldest has started saying things like that. Along with crazy things about death and I just sit and wonder where she got it from.

MyDearJenn said...

Just stopping by from the Top25MilBlogs on Circle of Moms to say hello. Your family is truly adorable! Look at those faces!