Friday, May 20, 2011

Fat Butt Friday: Summer Challenge!!!!!

Well, friends, it's that time of the year again!  Summer time!!  And back for the second year, is Cat's Fat Butt Friday 120 Mile Summer Fitness Challenge!  Woo Hoo!
So dust off those summer running shoes and get ready to get out and move!  Here is the 411 on the 120 mile challenge:

Starts:  June 1, 2011
Ends:  Aug 31, 2011

Goal:  Exercise 120 miles in 3 mouths.

Rules:  You can walk, run, elliptical, OR (new this year) bike to count your miles.  HOWEVER, since it is easier and faster to BIKE, you can only count 1 mile for every 3 miles you bike.  So say you do 6 miles on your stationary bike, you can only count 2 of those miles toward your goal.

Miles only count if they are consecutively earned.  So you can't just strap on your pedometer and count your steps throughout the day and say you walked 10 miles or whatever.  This is a challenge!  That means you can only count miles when you set out to burn fat and calories and get in shape!

ANYONE can join!

This is not a contest.  Just a challenge for YOU!  Something to get you off your butt this summer, to do something good for your body.

What's in it for you?  Well, not only will you get in shape, meet fitness goals, and feel good about yourself, BUT you will also have a chance to win some prizes!

How to Join:  Just email me at nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com, give me the name you would like to be called, your email address, and your blog address if you have one that you would like linked to your stats (optional).  And feel free to grab a button for your blog if you have one:

You have until June 7th to join the challenge, so email me ASAP!!!!
Sponsors:  I am also looking for sponsors to help me with prizes and in return you get some free advertising.  So if you, or any one you know would like to help me out here, email me!  I will be sponsoring this myself by doing some gift certs for my hats and maybe even a hat or two themselves.



It's Something Beautiful said...

Yes!! I was just thinking of this the other day. So signing up this summer :)

I'll be emailing you!

Ruth said...

i am hoping you got my email- feeling worried...should I email you again?

Mama Nut said...

Ruth -- I did get your email and I put you on my list. Sorry I didn't email you back, I've been a little out of it :)

Ruth said...

Thanks mama nut- and I am we email you every week, or comment to you on your blog? Sadly this week...well contributed to my FAT BUTT! LOL still got in almost 4 miles...
Thanks for doing this ! I am excited!

Olivia @ OliviaBlueMusic said...

New follower here via MilSpouse.... Great blog!!! I'm looking forward to looking around & finding some motivation... Keep up the great work! :) - Olivia Blue Music

Lindsey @ Confessions Of A Marine Wife said...

I love this idea, but I'm more than halfway late (if that makes sense). But, just to say that I've been fit, I'm going to start tomorrow, along with my going to the gym. Plus, walking all around my apartment complex is 1.5 miles. Yeah. :]