Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Magic Tooth

Is it just me, or do you feel like some kind of a failure as a parent when you take your kiddos to the dentist and one has a cavity?  For some reason, it doesn't matter how much I brush and floss my boys' teeth, Sam always seems to get some kind of cavity and some unreachable crevice, while Nephi gets off scott-free.  I know that sometimes there is nothing I could have done... but still...

And this time, Sam needed to have one of those little silver crowns on one of his molars in the back.  This whole idea made me really anxious and stressed.  First off, how is a little guy with OCD going to feel having a tooth that is different from the others.  Second of all, what was he going to do about it?  So I decided to prep him early on, we had a week to talk about it, and my fears became reality.  He freaked out.

I called it a "Magic Tooth" and told him a little white lie about how it will help his food taste better -- couldn't lose with this one since he is picky eater anyway.  He told me flat out that he did NOT want a "magic tooth"!!!  "NO WAY!" he told me when I tried to explain it to him.  I told him it was going to be like a silver glove for his tooth... he didn't like that either.  A silver hat?  Nope, still mad at me.

Well, just tough!  He was going to get it whether he liked it or not!  I was just trying to give him the courtesy of knowing what was going to happen.  One of my friends told me I shouldn't of told him and maybe he wouldn't notice... yeah, right!  He notices EVERYTHING!!

So the other day, off we went.  Sam was really angry the whole time and let the nurses and doctor know just how much he hated them and their "magic teeth" -- somewhere in his slurred speech I am pretty sure he even told them where they could stick it.

Sammy has to be sedated  to get his teeth fixed, and when that happens he is not a nice person.  He hates everyone and everything and we can all go jump off a bridge for all he cares.  And he is SO strong!  It's hard to fight with him... luckily, he doesn't start fighting until AFTER his teeth are done.

He was pretty good through the first part:

He even stayed calm when he got the shot.  But....  as soon as he was done and realized that half his face was numb and he had a "magic tooth", it all hit the fan, if you know what I mean.

He started biting the heck out of his lip and there was nothing we could do to stop him because he was so strong and really fought us on this.  When I finally got him in the car, by the time we got down the street he was covered in blood and there were chunks of cheek on his hands.  It was so gross!  He had been biting his cheek and gouging it with his finger nails.  I went to the gas station and got him a root beer with a straw to distract him, and it worked.... thankfully.

Now he looks like a chipmunk...

But he blames it on the dentist -- only because he doesn't remember it, at all.

He told me today that the dentist stole his white tooth and gave him a "stupid magic one that doesn't work!"  I tried to explain the whole thing to him, but he has already made up his mind.




Anonymous said...

Just so you are aware: the gas they give (nitrous oxide) at the dentist will deplete Sam's B12 levels. You might want to supplement this. If you go to and get the Jarrow brand of methyl b12- you'll be set. If you think I'm the crazy lady for telling you this- I'm sorry, but Google B12 and nitrous oxide. Please don't think I'm weird- just trying to help. Kristin

Cammy said...

Don't feel bad, my 4 year old had to have 6 cavities filled. Talk about feeling like a lousy parent. Fortunately the dentist explained that the anatomy of his teeth are to blame and not brushing.

We did IV sedation with him and it was the best decision ever. He is very active and I was preparing for meltdown and disaster but everything went really smoothly even recovery. I don't think he even knows what they did.

If you have to have another one done you might look into IV sedation.

Hope he doing better. Not fun when young kids already hate the dentist.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

I love that you called it the Magic Tooth! What a good idea that was. And I can't believe how they strap him down like that, crazy! Glad you made it through that!

miranda said...

Bless. Your. Heart. My son was born with a cleft lip and palate, and had to have two surgeries to repair it. The first happened when he was 6 months old, and although he was so young, he ripped out all of the tubes, the IV and the appliance on his face. He was 18 months old for his second surgery, and that was much much worse! He had tubes that were sutured into his nose...well, he ripped that out as well...twice! I COMPLETELY understand your pain!!