Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Flush Already!!

Is it just me, or is it crazy hard to teach kids to flush the toilet!

Mine just plain don't want to do it!  I fight them on it every time I see them sneaking out of the bathroom.  They tell me they don't like the noise.  The potty is just too loud for their ultra sensitive ears, they tell me in not so many words.

And it isn't just whining and complaining about doing it.  I get the whole, full-blown tantrum!  "NOOOO MOMMY!!!  It's too scary!!!"

What can a mom do?

I don't want to give them potty nightmares or be the reason that they stop going or hold it in too long... I don't want to damage them for a life time and doom them to therapy as adults with traumatic childhoods.  But not only is it a bit gross, but it is literally staining our toilet!!  No joke, it leaves this nasty yellow stain that is super hard to clean off!  My visitor's probably hate using our bathroom because the potty is scary looking.

But what can I do?  And suggestions?  (I have tried earplugs, and other means of squelching the sound with no luck).



Cynthia said...

I guess you just wait for them to outgrow the fear of it? I STILL have to holler at 2 of my 3 to flush so I have no answers for you!

Kelly Dawn said...

Ummm buy some CLR and wait em out lol

Anika and Sean said...
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Anika and Sean said...

That's kinda funny because I have the opposite problem. My son flushes the toilet too much. I constantly have to open the tank and unkink the chain so our toilet doesn't run.

Wish I could give some advice on that one. I do know there's a toilet training book with a button that makes the flushing sound to try to help kids not be scared anymore. Found the book I have at DI.

Mostly Diane said...

I have the opposite problem. My kids love to flush and take a very long time to wash their hands because they like to play in the water. They soak the hand towel all the time, and leave scraps of toilet paper on the floor.

I think no matter what little kids will find some way to make the bathroom gross. I guess you just have to check on things a few times a day until they grow out of it.

PSP Blog Hop said...

Wish I had some insight to share Cat. Mine are 11 and 8 and I still have to constantly remind them to flush. I think it's just a plain old out-and-out BOY THING.

Jill said...

This is a phase both of my kids went through. We just had to wait til they outgrew it.