Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hilary Weeks Book/CD Giveaway!

These last few weeks... heck who am I kidding, these last few MONTHS I have been a bit of a slacker on blog.  Mostly because I am preoccupied with the new member of our family.  Even as I type there is some serious fussing going on in the baby swing next to me.  I have been meaning to post this giveaway for some time now, but haven't had two seconds to myself to sit down and do it.

I think of all people, Hilary Weeks would understand, and forgive me... Especially if you have heard her sing this:

Which comes on this new CD along with other fun songs of motherhood.  The CD actually goes along with her new book that is out, called:  Bedtime and Naptime... and Bedtime and Naptime:  The Simple Joys of a Mom's Life.  So my kind of book!
It isn't long, but filled with great thoughts of motherhood, some recipes, and even some great ideas.  I really enjoyed reading this book, and found myself smiling and down right laughing out loud at many parts!  Such a fun book and CD, and with Mother's Day just around the corner, we want to pass it along to one of my readers!

Here's how you enter:

Just leave a comment on what your "Favorite Things" of motherhood are... sarcasm and silliness more than welcome!

Contest ends on Friday at 11:59 pm.  Winner will be announced on Saturday.

Have a super great day and may you be blessed with naptime today!



Suzie Q said...

My favorite thing about motherhood is when you have a hard day and you put the kids to bed and you have to keep going in there room a million times and you have just about had it. And then they say to you "Mom, I Love You!!" All those hard moments and tiredness goes out the door. Because it is all worth it to hear those four little words.

Andrea said...

My favorite thing about motherhood is to hear my children's laughter. . . .I also love to see my children discover the world around them, that look when they figure something out of the first time is priceless and will never be forgotten!!

Bridget said...

I think I've said it before, but I love reading with my kids or just cuddling and watching a family movie. So, maybe it's really that I like to sit down and rest...

Anika and Sean said...

My favorite things about motherhood is when even after a really rough day my 2 year old will come up to me for no reason and give me hugs, kisses and snuggle up to me. I even get an occasional "Wuv youuuu." I am constantly surprised by his sweetness.

Ruth said...

Snuggling with my kids and watching them sleep!