Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two "Boogie" Products I Can't Live Without... and a Winner!

I can handle blood and guts.  In college I helped dissect a cadaver without even blinking.  My dad was a cop when I was growing up and I have seen crime scene photos that would make your toes curl... but they never made my stomach sick or anything.  But there is one thing that totally grosses me out...


Boogies, snot, or whatever you call it makes me sick.  I can hardly even look at it!  I hate the sound of it, the texture, the look of it -- it seriously triggers my gag reflexes like nothing else!  It is a nightmare to have a cold, and every time I have to cough it up, I nearly or do throw-up!

I have a tough time when my kids get sick.  It is frustrating and tries my patience, that my boys can pick and eat, but can't seem to blow out into a tissue.  I hate that nose sucking bulb -- you know the blue one that looks like this:

And my boys are big enough now that they fight me the whole way!  I feel like a big meanie when I have to pin them down so daddy can shove the bulb up their nose to suck the snot so they can sleep.  I hate having to wipe snot off their noses too.  I feel like I am rubbing their little noses raw.  Then it gets crusty and sticks and you can't get it off without hurting them!

Now my little guy has a cold and there is only so much you can do for a newborn.  Warm baths, humidifier... I even rubbed a little Baby Vick's Rub on his feet... and then you have the nose sucker.  It just kills me to do it!  And not only that, but it doesn't seem to get it out very well.  I was bound and determined to find something that would work!!  So I Googled boogie suckers and found this:
Baby Comfy Nose... This is how she works:

The whole thing seemed a little weird to me, because it works only with your own suction.  And with my mucus issues, I wasn't sure if I could bring myself to do it.  But it got good reviews and I was desperate for my little guys!  So I bought it.  And I LOVE IT!  Not only does it literally suck the snot out of your baby or kid, but you don't have to stick anything up their nose to get the job done.  My little guy doesn't even cry when I do it and my boys laugh!

As for my other problem, keeping little snot noses clean, crusty free, and not raw, I found these at Sam's Club:

The Boogie Wipes.  They are completely saline wipes for snotty noses.  No alcohol like other wipes, so they don't hurt or chap!  They are gentle, get the job done, and even smell nice!  Who could ask for anything more?

I was not paid to do this review.  I just wanted to share with my readers two products that I have discovered over the last couple weeks that make my life as a mother easier with sick kids, and make my kids a little more comfortable when they aren't feeling well...


As for my winner of the Baby's Best Milk Drops: A big congrats to....


Who said,"I would like to try the EpisiPrep cream too. I would really like to not be cut."  I hope you like them as much as I have!

Thanks to everyone who participated!  Keep checking back, because I have a few more fun giveaways coming up this week and next.


The Mom said...

Another thing that I would recommend is Puffs Plus tissue with lotion. I started using that when my kids were little and they never, ever got crusty noses. I still use them to this day. They are so gentle on the nose!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Boogie Wipes...I even use them on me sometimes!

Emily said...

Ok Gotta be honest - the nasal suction thing kinda made me a little nauseous. To be honest though, my aunt (she is Japanese) used a cultural technique when my cousins were young where she used the same idea but no device. She just covered their nose with her mouth and sucked it right out into her mouth. Yup. Gross. Glad this thing is working for you though! I do like the Boogie Wipes though and may use those. Thank goodness Annie and James can both blow their noses pretty decently when we ask them to. Phew!