Thursday, March 17, 2011

From 2 to 3

My friends often ask me if it was hard to go from having 1 kid to having 2.  All I can really say is that every child and parent are different.  What stresses me out, may not stress you and so on.  It was a little hard having a special needs kid as #1, but at the same time, when we were going through all the hard times with Sam and his communication issues, my second child keep me sane and hopeful.  My second child, Nephi, actually helped Sam!  They are 19 1/2 months apart, and even though they fight... all the time... they are best of buddies too.  I can't imagine not having the both of them!

People say they are afraid they won't or can't love another child as much as they love the first.  But I tell you, as any parent of multiple children can, that when your second child is born, there is this amazing miracle that takes place in your heart and it actually grows! (Metaphorically, of course).  You think there may not be room, but you actually make space to love more than you ever thought you could.  And the love for new baby never takes the place of the love for the first one or visa versa, but you always have room to love more.  It's one of those amazing things about being human!

Now, I was a little nervous... heck, I am kidding myself, I was WAY nervous to have number three!!  People often tell me that going from 2 to 3 is the hardest and then after that, it's a lot easier.  So I really geared myself up for some hard times ahead.  So far it's been only a week, and in all honesty, not as bad as I thought.  Baby seems to sleep most of the time -- even through the kid's fighting, and my boys seem to have this special respect for "the Baby."

However, I can't be counting my chicks before they hatch... this last week my mom has been here helping me out.  So I could take the baby to get his daily blood checks, take naps, and run errands without "The Tweedles" (Our nickname for Sam plus Nephi together) getting in my face, waking me up, or stressing me out.  Things seem to go a lot smoother when Grandma is around to referee and babysit.

But Grandma left yesterday...

And now, I am on my own.  (Ben being back in school after the break and gone most of the time).

Today, was my first adventure taking all three boys out on my own.  I was afraid.

But there really wasn't too much to worry about after all.  The boys felt pretty cool being out with the baby and they took this protective stance and never strayed to far -- that was NICE.  First we went to the hospital to get another blood test -- Baby J has been on the light for almost a week now, and can't seem to kick the jaundice.  I had just finished his sock monkey hat and couldn't wait to take him out in it!  Sam was pleased as pie and had to announce to everyone in the waiting room that I made the baby's hat.  Who needs a sale's pitch when you have a precious model and a loud mouth kiddo to advertise for you?  So I ended up handing out a few of my business cards (score!).

Then we had to pop on over to Walmart to pick up a prescription (Baby Jake has thrush and he has passed it on to yours truly.  Another one of those glorious things that no one tells you about when your pregnant with your first -- like jaundice, I have been through this with all 3 kids).  The boys stayed pretty close to the cart to "guard" the baby like good big brothers.  Sam had to tell everyone we walked past, that "My mommy had a baby!  And he is SO CUTE!"  I feel like I have my own personal herald -- except instead of a horn, mine carries a kazoo.

I was so pleased with the boy's behavior that I took them to Subway, their favorite spot to eat.  And they behaved there too!  I think the baby's presence has calmed them a little -- but we'll see how long THAT lasts!

So far, going from 2 to 3 hasn't been too bad.  But I am sure that things can and will change as the baby grows and there are new responsibilities for me and the boys.  Parenthood is just one big roller coaster!  Once you get on, you can't get off, and you are in for some ups and downs, and even some loops!  But I look forward to whatever the future holds for our little family... and if push comes to shove, at least I will have some good stories to share, right?

Anyway, just barely got the phone call from the doctor's office, as I type this and Baby Jacob's bilirubin levels are normal so I can take him off the light!  Woo Hoo!  Maybe I will get some sleep tonight!



Otter Thomas said...

Congrats on the third! That's great. Glad he is better now too. We are going from 1 to 3 and I am really worried about neglecting our son with all the new responsibilities we'll have. Hopefully my heart grows and maybe even I could grow another set of hands.

Ruth said...

YAY for being off the lights!!! That is wonderful news. Going for 2-3 was not hard for me, like everyone told me it would be. It was going from 4-5, that even 4 years later is still getting me at times...

J is adorable!