Tuesday, March 1, 2011

False Labor Really Ticks Me Off!

I think false labor is about the rudest thing your body can do to you.  Like the ultimate practical joke gone wrong!  Giving false hope to a super pregnant woman is just mean, mean, MEAN.  I hope it never happens again!

Last night about 8 pm, I started having some strong contractions.  Could this be the beginning, I thought?  With my first, the first labor contraction was SUPER painful and I had no doubt what was going on.  But I hadn't been dilated or anything so my body went into super gear.  Then with my second I was induced, so when the contractions started coming they were pretty strong too.  These ones I had last night were strong, but they weren't super painful.  I thought maybe they were just the starting ones this time.  But they stayed pretty constant and lasted about 40-50 and were around 3 minutes apart.  However, I couldn't get past the feeling that they just weren't strong enough...

So they lasted until like 4 am... and then all the sudden, nothing.

I'm thinking it was all those jalapeños I ate on my subway sandwich for lunch.  Having that "Every Foot-long Sub $5" thing for February was the best thing ever for this pregnant woman who craves those!!  Yesterday was the last day and I was determined to take advantage one last time.  I got a little carried away with the jalapeños and I think that is what gave me all those contractions.

As disappointed as I was for it not going anywhere, at least it helped my body prepare a little more for the real thing.  And Nephi started throwing up last night with flu... so it was probably good for the mental state of my husband that he wasn't forced to deal with Labor AND a barfing 3 year old.

What are you experiences with False Labor?  Did you ever make it all the way to hospital only to be sent home??



Jill said...

Not to sound an alarm, but my experience with my last 2 pregnancies, I had labor and then it would stop. And then it would start and then it would stop. Both times, the cord was wrapped around the babies neck and they didn't move much after that. We had to take them both early. Pre-labor that is intense and then stops is usually a sign something is going on. When is your next appt? This kind of stuff is not to be taken lightly considering you're measuring bigger & you're really close to the end.

Anonymous said...

I had false labor with my last 2 boys. Each time I went to the hospital once and was sent home. It really is not fun at all!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Seriously, it is horrible isn't it!? I was doing that false labor stuff for 2 weeks before I finally had my baby. I reeeeeeeeally hope it happens soon for you! I can't wait to hear all about it!