Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End in Sight?

Day 5 on the bili-light and little guy's levels are still high.  Sleep?  I don't even know if I remember what that is.  You would think with all the advancements in medicine these days, that someone would invent a shot or something that prevented babies from getting jaundice!  Or at least invent some kind of snuggly light bed that they actually like.

The Pea-Nut's little feet are so full of holes from being tested that it just breaks my heart to have to keep taking him day after day.

I guess I should be grateful that it is just jaundice and we're not dealing with something a lot more serious like birth  defects are something like that.  But I got to tell you, when haven't slept much in a week and your hormones are flying crazy, EVERYTHING feels like a super hard trial.

However, I know we'll get through this, we did the last two times... and when I actually get a few hours sleep, it probably won't be as big a deal as I feel like it is now.

On the plus side, however, I do get to get out once a day with my little guy.  Which makes the perfect opportunity to show off my hats... lol.  I can't tell you how many cards I have given out to the nurses I have met.



Andrea said...


First off, what a cute baby-seriously beautiful!! LOVE the hat, too!

Second-I know it's hard right now and I remember the post pregnancy hormones making everything seem like the worst thing, but remember, this too shall pass! I'm thinking about you and praying for your sweet baby. I hope he doesn't have to have that light for much longer.


Rachel said...

Gosh I remember those jaundice days, not fun at all! Hope it gets better for you!

Ailinh said...

I am totally in love with that hat! And for. real. Totally agree with ya that trials just seem like a gazillion times harder when you're lacking on sleep and all. *hugs* hang in there. Hopefully little guy's jaundice subsides soon!

Cammy said...

Poor little guy! I thought my little ones heals were sad and that was only 3 or 4 times being pricked, I can't even imagine more:(
Just know we are thinking of you and hoping his counts start going down. Good Luck!

Carrie and Karl said...

Hooray! I'm glad he's ok now. I'm sure you'll get having 3 down pretty quick.