Friday, February 4, 2011

You Know You're in the 3rd Trimester When...

34 weeks -- measuring 38...
I got the idea for this post through a chat thread on one of the many pregnancy sites out there.  You know, where you go to connect with other expecting mom's and they send you one of those weekly emails with updates and stuff.

So I clicked on the link yesterday and found myself thoroughly entertained by some of the comments and even come up with a few of my own.  Please feel free to leave a comment and add to my silly pregnant ramblings!


You know you have reached your 3rd trimester when....

1.  It takes you ten minutes to get comfortable in bed at night and then when you finally are, you have to pee.

2.  You can't see your feet... and a little glad you can't because if you could, you won't recognize them!

3.  You've already washed and folded those blasted baby clothes 5 times!

4.  Your dreams are filled with c-sections and ugly babies.

5.  Your big work out for the week is shaving your legs!

6.  When walking across the room makes you out of breath and ready for a nap.

7.  You spend more time on the toilet than any other chair in the house.

8.  You can no longer fit in a booth when out to eat.

9.  When you drop something and it takes you ten minutes just to decide if it is worth picking up.

10.  It takes two people to get your socks and shoes on.

11.  You'll wear slippers and sweats or yoga pants to public places, and couldn't care less!

12.  Strangers start coming out of the woodwork just to touch the belly.

13.  You "grow out" of those maternity clothes that used to be so huge!

14.  Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, stretch marks, pregnancy mask, sciatic nerves... all or some become suddenly "common" and a new way of life.

15.  You think murder instead of annoyance when you are stuck in long lines -- and that lady with all the coupons.... errr....

16.  You will do ANYTHING to satisfy your cravings and woe unto anyone in your way!

17.  Your husband gets fed up with your take over of the bed with all your pillows.  And all you have to say is:  "Too bad!  Deal with it!"

18.  Your new fears are coughing, sneezing and laughing in public -- you never know what's going to come out!!

19.  You have no shame zipping around in those Walmart motorized wheelchairs.

20.  You swear up and down to propose a bill requiring mandatory Pregnant Women Parking spaces ... when you have the energy to do it.

21.  You husband makes you cry when he comes home from the store with the wrong kind of bread.

22.  You get annoyed when people say, "These last couple months will go by so fast!!"  Yeah, maybe for you!!  But not for me!!

23.  When you make a huge effort to get to the store and then can't remember why you came.

24.  You start to wonder if they give little tummy tucks when they do c-sections.... hmmmm.....

and my favorite:

25.  The only thing you want between your legs is a pillow!

How about you?



Hilarious Homemaker said...

Talk about totally relating! Shaving my legs is now part of putting on my "sunday best" because it's just too darn hard!

And growing out of your "huge" clothes from the last pregnancy can get depressing..if not frustrating. I find myself using the phrase, "I swear I wore this three days ago- why doesn't it fit now?" more and more. Sometimes while crying.

Hang in there! Race ya to the finish!

Amanda Davis said...

I loved the one about the pregnant lady parking spots.
They day before I gave birth (1 week late) I made my husband park in the "senior citizen" spot at Walmart parking lot. I felt sure no-one would care when they saw me waddling in slower than a senior citizen. Then when we went back to the car I saw an old lady walking up the row of cars. I was about to get in the vehicle and she didnt see me looking. She looked at my husband then up at the sign and back at my husband. She gave him the death eating stare. Im sure if she would have saw me she would have been totally empathetic.

Nina said...

This is way too funny - had to share this with my pregnant friend who is due at any day now. Thanks for sharing.

And by the way, you have a blog award waiting for you at :-)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Oh congrats. I am a fellow Army Wife. This post is too funny. My favorite is you grow out of those maternity clothes. Because that is so me.

Write it in Lipstick

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Pretty sad, I could relate to every one of those right now!! We're almost there girl! Only a few more weeks...eeee!!!!!!