Friday, February 25, 2011

Organizing and Making Room for Baby!

Some people will call this nesting... me?  I call it a panic attack to get everything done before the big day!  I have been putting everything off mostly because I don't want to jinx myself!  My last two pregnancies I got ready early just in case... and it didn't happen any time soon!  This time I was determined not to do that to myself.  I mean it is just too depressing to see that little bag packed by the front door ready to head out to the hospital.  Or those cute little baby clothes just sitting there waiting.  Then there is the empty crib in the corner... not to mention how pathetic it looks and feels to drive around town with an empty baby car seat in the back.  I just can't stand it!  This time... it was going to be different.  So with the baby coming in two weeks FOR SURE, I decided to get my swollen butt in gear and get all this needed stuff done.

Still working on it....

But, luckily I heard from just in time to help me organize my van!  Woo Hoo!  You remember them right?  They are that site that has just about a little of everything from giant pillows to flat panel TV stands.  They are going to let me review something and guess what I need?  This:

I'll take two please!!

I am always looking for storage bin sort of stuff to making stashing trash look good.  Can't wait to get these babies installed!


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