Thursday, February 17, 2011

"I Can't!"

36 weeks, measuring 41!!  It was really hard
to get my arm out far enough to fit the whole
belly in this shot!
The two words I have used the most this last couple weeks are simply:  "I Can't!".

I think the last few weeks of pregnancy are the hardest because you just can't do anything!!!

Can't walk.

Can't pee.

Can't sleep.

Can't breathe.

Can't pick up anything off the floor.

Can't reach into the washer or drier.

Can't get out of the bathtub.

Can't roll over to save your life!

Can't drive without the steering wheel crushing the belly.

Can't fit into your maternity clothes and can't keep your belly tucked under your shirt.

Can't catch your other kids.

Can't keep your balance or squeeze through places you used to.


Can't seem to care what other people think!!

Love this!  I just take such pleasure in feeling like a useless piece of whale... (big eye roll).  Only 3 more weeks until my induction date!  Hopefully, it will come earlier on it's own!  Did I tell you?  Ben has military training the weekend before the induction AND the weekend of the induction.  I do NOT want to do this without him!  Since it is partially HIS fault, I think he should have to go through it with me, don't you?  So I am praying it will come on its very own on a day when I can have my man by my side.  Fingers and toes crossed and I will keep you updated!


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Mostly Diane said...

Oh, this is a good reminder for me. My baby is a month old and I am in the no sleep phase, but at least I can move, and pee and some clothes sort of fit me. It really is better on this side. :>.

Hope things go well for you.