Saturday, February 19, 2011


I don't think I have ever known a 3 year old who is as curious as my Nephi.  My oldest, Sam, was always very mechanical and computer savvy and liked to see how things worked, but Nephi is a bit different.  He will study things out he doesn't understand and then won't let it go until he does!  At times this curiosity can be admired and at other times, VERY inconvenient!

Here a couple examples of both of these situations just this week:

Example #1:  Nephi came into my room holding a hand mirror.  "Mommy," he said.  "I'm sick."
"You're sick?  What's wrong?" I said feeling his forehead -- he didn't feel hot or anything.
"I have spots on my face."  I looked and didn't see anything new.
"Where are your spots, sweetheart?" I asked.  He pointed to his freckles.
"Lot's of brown spots, mommy.  I need medicine."  I had to laugh, I never thought he might not have noticed his freckles before!  So I had to explain to him what they were... he didn't understand, so I gave him the answer my grandma used to say to me:  "They're kisses" I told him.  Which I probably shouldn't have because then he couldn't understand why he had kisses and Sammy didn't.  Oh, well...

Example #2:  I didn't know when I took Nephi to my OB/GYN appointment the other day, that it was time to do the internal exams.   I never bring the boys to those... too awkward if you know what I mean!  So I was a little nervous when they told me to strip down from the waist down.  I was really casual about it and did it while I was distracting him with stuff in my purse.  But when the doctor came in and started "the check" there was no distracting this curious little 3 year old.  Now Nephi is so fascinated by this whole baby in the tummy thing, that he LOVES to look through my baby and pregnancy books and see all the pictures of the baby growing inside.  He actually even knows the words "ultra sound" and can tell you what it is!  He is a pro at looking at the pictures too and can point out the various body parts.  I have even seen him lurking around watching some of the baby birth clips I watch on my pregnancy websites.  It creeped me out at first and thought I was traumatizing him or something, but he was really interested!  (Don't worry, he didn't see anything graphic, just enough to know where the baby comes out -- which is enough to cause the boys to fight because Sam insists the baby is going to come out of my mouth.)

So there I was getting the exam to see if I was dilating yet, and Mr. Peekers was hang out down there trying to get a look.  My doctor kept shooing him away and I was nearly yelling at him to come stand by my head.  He, in turn, got mad at me and yelled, "But mommy!  I want to see the baby come out!!"  We couldn't help it, my doctor and I started laughing and I told him the baby wasn't coming out right now and luckily he lost interest... for now anyway.  Next week.... I am getting a babysitter!

Oh the joys of motherhood!  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Any of you go through similar stuff with your kids when pregnant?  Do share!

PS:  Just in case you were wondering, I haven't started dilating yet, BUT the baby has dropped down and the head is like RIGHT THERE... but that doesn't mean too much... it could still be a few weeks yet!  But it's nice to feel hopeful that the end is near!

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