Friday, February 25, 2011

Conquering Goliath, Again... PREGNANT!

For those of you who have been reading me for a while, you may remember by post about conquering our fitness monsters some time ago.  My fitness monster, at the time, came in the form of a giant hill.  It looked like this:
Now picture it with snow... that's what it looks like now.

Yesterday, I had my 37 week appointment with my OB/GYN.  I was 65% effaced, but no dilating action yet... no surprise there.  She told me to go home and walk this baby out!  Okay... if I could suck it up and deal with my sciatica... I was willing to give it a try.

When I got home, I put Nephi in the stroller and off we went to take a little walk around campus.  Ben and his ROTC was training on the campus field so we walked past and watch them roll around on the snow with plastic guns.  Nephi thought this was great and asked me when they were going to make snowmen.

Anyway, this nice little walk got my juices flowing a little in the contraction department, so I thought I would give it another go today.  But this time, I thought, I would put both boys in the double jogger and go around the block, which happened to be attached to the Hill from Hades.  But I figured I was feeling so good that I could do it... no problem!

Ummm... yeah.... so I thought....

Our block is a little funky.  Our apartment is situated on the top of two hills on either side.  One is short and steep and the other is long and not as steep, but still pretty intimating to an average person.  The hills are attached at the bottom by a long stretch of flatness.  That makes up my block, and it is two miles to walk around.

As I stood at the top I had a choice.  First off no matter what, my walk was going to start with a hill and end with a hill.  I just had to decide which way I was going to go.  I thought, well, I had better go down the steepest of the hills, and then take the long one in stride at the end.  So off we went.  Going down the hill wasn't too hard, and my legs felt fine, and no stomach cramping.  Until I got to the bottom and had to walk on flat ground.  The change from down hill walking to flat walking just about killed me!  My sciatic nerves shot down my legs in intense pain!  Crap, I thought.  I was already down the hill and the only way to get home was go back up it or continue on around the block.  There was NO WAY I was going to turn around in this kind of pain and push 80 plus pounds on wheels back up that hill!!  So I decided that maybe I could walk it out on the flat ground.

It took me about a mile of pain and limping, but eventually I did walk out the pain just in time to hit the next hill.  The one in the picture above.  I was really tired by the time I got there, breathing hard, feeling strong braxton-hicks, but I was determined to get my swollen butt up that hill!  And I wasn't going to stop for anything!!!  I took a deep breath and off I went!

And it started to snow.


I don't care what anyone says, it does snow in hell.

But I kept going.  I wanted to cry a few times, but I knew I had no choice but to do this.  My legs were warmed up and if I stopped I KNEW my sciatic nerves would start hurting again and I would have to call 911 to get me home.  No I was going to do this!  It took me forever, but I made it!!! Just in time for it to stop snowing the second I reached the top... figures.

Then at that moment, no joke, the clouds parted just around the sun and it shined down on me like some cheesy cartoon.  Yeah, it was God smiling at me... or laughing... But I am pretty sure He was giving me the double thumbs up.

As I was finishing off my walk home, I started thinking about the lesson I learned from this outing.  It doesn't matter what path you take, it's going to be hard.  There are going to be hills, bumps, pain, sweat, snow, and other things.  Just when you think you made it through the worst there is going to be the monster at the end and you are going to think there is no way you can do it anymore!  But there will be that little voice in your head telling you, just got to make it through this last part... you can do it!  No giving up!  Then when it's all over, you can look back, and not remember so much how hard it was, but how worth it it was!

So is life.

I must have looked a sight, almost 38 weeks pregnant pushing that 80 pound stroller up a hill.  And as sore as I am right now sitting on my yoga ball, I felt like I did something great!  And I you know what?  I did!



Liz said... really must have been a sight! But I love...adore!...your analogy comparison to life. You are so right. You are in the home stretch...can't wait to see pics!

Annie said...

You go girl! I'd rather run a marathon than do that any day?

And growing up in AZ, I would have to agree with you. There is no fire and brimstone in hell. Just ice, tundra, and endless blizzards!

Annie said...

*I'd rather run a marathon than do that any day!!!!!!