Saturday, January 8, 2011

Upping my Game

Okay, I already know what you are thinking:  Enough about those blasted hats already!

Well, just cut me some slack alright!  This is my "thing" lately, so just let me ride out the initial excitement.  Besides if you are nice to me, you may get an extra entry when I do a giveaway in a couple of weeks for one of them!

I spent some time last night, reading through the "Tips of the Trade" on the Etsy site and actually took notes on how to improve my little store and get people to buy (nagging my blog fans oddly wasn't one of them... wonder why... any way,).  One of the big tips was pictures.  Now, I already knew my pictures were pathetic to say the least.  Mostly, I just wanted to get them up there to show off.  I guess I kind of thought that my hats would speak for themselves.  That might have worked, except they didn't look half as good as they do in person in those photos.  But after the reading the "Do's and Don't's" of taking pictures, I was feeling pretty darn humbled and actually glad I only got the views that I did.  Those pictures were a joke and I could just see the experienced Etsy people sitting there laughing their heads off at my poor attempt to make a buck.  I felt a little deflated... but was I going to let that stop me?  No way!

Since I had some time to kill last night, (Ben was gone and the kids were in bed) I rolled up my sleeves and set to work to retake some serious pictures!  Ten minutes later, you probably would have laughed to see me, I had a makeshift studio consisting of a white sheet surrounded by 4 different sized lamps propped up by books, laundry baskets and even the ironing board played an important role.

I started taking pictures like crazy, even killed my battery once and had to recharge.  With my first set of pictures snapped I fired up Photoshop Elements and excitedly uploaded them.  Much to my disappointment, they were blurry!!!  What the heck!?  And to my greater disappointment, mainly in my failure to figure it out sooner, it took me about 30 minutes to figure out why they were blurry.  Turns out there were little fingerprints all over the lens.  Nephi had borrowed my camera a couple days ago and had a photo shoot of his toys.

The joys of motherhood!

So after cleaning off the lens, I went at it again.  This time I was pleased as I loaded them into Photoshop.  Sure they were a bit off color, but it wasn't anything my dear friend PS couldn't fix!  And even though I am a beginner at this, I couldn't help but go to bed last night pleased as pie with myself over these new photos... here are a couple before and afters... and no, I am not showing off... okay, maybe just a little...

You can check out the before shots here:  animal hats, green hat, and other hats.  Or just can just scroll down to the posts from this last week.

This next one I hadn't posted yet, but I like this shot anyway!

I would like to have live models for some of my work, but I just can't bring myself to head out and find some. And there is no way I am going to do it myself!  Poor baby coming in March is going to be tortured with hats and a flashing camera... can't wait!



Cammy said...

your hats are so darling and fun. I am knitter, but have to admit crocheting is a bit of a struggle for me, it just never looks good and I can't read a crochet pattern to save my life, LOL. Too bad too because I wish I could make those cute crochet flowers.

So I had a thought for you, if you are designing your own patterns you should work those up and sell them too. You never know they might be a hit. Best of luck with your etsy shop. Love Ya

Personalized Baby Gifts said...

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Our Family said...

Cat, your hats are beautiful and the photography looks great! Whatever you did made a huge difference - they look professional (the hats and the photos)!