Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just so Tired!

There comes a point in every pregnancy when you are just feeling done.  I've been feeling it earlier than the last two times because this baby is measuring so blasted big.  I was feeling almost done before I even hit my 3rd trimester mark -- mainly it's this measuring 7 weeks ahead stuff.  My body feels done, but the timer hasn't gone off yet and the baby still needs a little more time in there... like two more months of "a little time."  Seriously, today marks the two months to go until my due date point.  And the thought of two more months of hauling around El Grande makes me want to cry... well, at least makes me feel discouraged enough to not want to tackle the dishes or laundry -- Which I have to jump on because my "patient" hubby is getting ants in his pants about wanting his PT uniform clean.

My ultra sound is tomorrow to see what's happening in the belly.  It's probably extra fluid or something not to worry about, but my worst fear is having a tumor or hernia or something bad like that... unlikely, but when you're pregnant you worry about everything!  I'm sure the baby is all right, he is definitely wiggly enough -- I feel like I have an octopus in there.

I think the hardest thing about this pregnancy is the sciatic nerve getting on my "nerves" and the fact that I feel so tired all the time!  It's been a lot harder since Sam has been home two more days a week from school, because I don't have those 8 extra hours of rest and he and Nephi can be pretty stressful.  Apart they are calm kids, and pretty sweet... but together they fight and fight and fight.  Not fun for any mama, but for one having a hard time moving around and grumpy tired, it's really stressful.
31 1/2 weeks (measuring 36 1/2).  Not a great picture, took it with my cell phone
But I am trying to look on the bright side of it all.  Counting my blessings, so to say.  I only really have 8 weeks left of pregnancy, maybe less, and I won't be this fat and hurting forever.  I will be able to exercise again!  I will be able to run again!  Soon too.  The baby is healthy as far as I know, and this is a big plus.  AND I have been selling a few of my hats to help pay for some of the bills around here.  So all and all, my blessings outshine the pain and frustration and really help me press on.

Life was never meant to be easy, but worth the trials if we just keep pressing forward to come out on top!

Everyone have a super day!



Otter Thomas said...

Glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well. Good luck on the last two months.

Veronica Ernest said...

You look very cute.