Monday, January 24, 2011

A Child's Prayer

I think that some of the most spiritually in-touch people walking around are the children.  If you really listen to them, they come up with some really deep observations all on their own.  They seem to see the world through different eyes and catch so many things we older people miss.

I love that my boys are both talking now.  I feel like I was a little cheated not having Sam talk for so long.  I could always see this intelligence in his eyes, and longed to know what he was thinking about.  Now I get a little more information -- but sometimes talking with Sam is like decoding a message.  Not because he is hard to understand, but because his vocabulary is so limited he uses words he knows to replace words he doesn't.  For example:

"I want to take a bath.  Just one Sam!"  Translation:  He wants to take a bath alone.

"I want BIG underwear!"  Translation:  He wants to wear his boxer-briefs.

"I need to go Peeky-hole!"  Translation:  He needs to pee.

"I want to eat the big strawberry!"  Translation:  He wants us to take him to lunch at Chili's.

He even has his own names for his toys:  "Me-Me" is Elmo.  "Knee-Nut" is Wally the robot.

But I think my favorite times are trying to decipher his night-time prayers.  This is one of my favorite times of the day, when we get to hear about the most important things to our children.  I love it when he blesses his toys, friends, and daddy at school.  He asks for happy dreams and warm feet.  He is even thankful for the bathtub.  But I think my favorite was a few weeks ago when he said:  "Please bless baby Ketchup."  This took Ben and me off guard and it was really hard for us to make it through the rest of the prayer without laughing.  I guess Sam has a hard time saying "Jacob"... Ketchup is the closest he could think of --- it does create quite the mental image though...


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It's Something Beautiful said...

Aww this is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to have these moments when I have kids - esp. nightly prayer time! Hope you have a good rest of your day!