Monday, December 20, 2010

Through Their Eyes

I have always enjoyed reading those mass emails about the funny things kids say.  I could never wait until my kids were saying funny things too -- which Sam's disability made hard since he wasn't talking until he was 4.  But I tell you, it is really fun to see my crazy sense of humor coming out in my kids.  ALL kids say funny things, but of course, I think mine are funniest, just because I am the mama.  Here are a few that tickled my funny bone:
  • We pull up to the bank window the other day and Ben says to the lady: "I just need that deposited into checking please." And then Sam yells from the back seat: "And I just need candy please!!" They learn so fast....
  • Nephi just told me a couple days ago that he thinks the baby in my tummy went for a swim and got stuck in my arm... 3 year olds do wonders for a mama's self esteem!
  • I have a really deep belly button (my husband thinks it's freaky -- my boys think it is amazing) and they are convinced that if they put their eyes up to it they may be able to see the baby.  Nephi was examining it the other day while I was laying on the couch rubbing lotion on the belly and he said after examining my belly button:  "Mommy, your tunnel needs some lights."
  • Sam drew a picture of me and I had a bunch of arms. Conversation as follows: Me: "Wow, I have lots of arms!" Sam in his serious tone: "You have 3. It's really sad. But it happens."
  • Sam is very friendly with everyone. Wherever we go he says to complete strangers: "Hi! I'm Sam!" Then he starts introducing the rest of us. One time, he pointed to Ben and said, "And that's my friend, Dad!"
I won't even go into what they have to say about their boy parts, needless to say they have my rolling in laughter.  Or their questions about my body parts that are different than theirs.  Sam has been trying really hard to figure out why I have two huge lumps on my chest while the rest of them don't... I just love being the only girl in the house... sheesh!

I am so grateful that I get to stay home with my boys.  I love raising them and it would just kill me to miss this fleeting moments of funniness.  Every day brings such pleasant surprises!

So what was the funniest thing your kids said or did this week?



Marisa said...

This will be funny to the LDS crowd: My 4 year old daughter asked me while I was frantically getting ready for church, "Mom, is it Fast Sunday?" I told her it wasn't. She said, "Then it's slow Sunday. We don't need to hurry." I cracked up about it for days!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

That is so funny how kids associate banks with candy! And I just have to say, your new header is SO DANG CUTE!!!!!!!

Liz said...

Funny you should write this...and yes, your boyz are hysterical! It is not just you...

My middle boy (turning 3 in a few weeks) walks in the house behind me today holding his soda up to his chest and says "My booby is frozen!"

I think it is these funny moments that really make being a SAHM sooooo much fun!

Liz @ lil-LIZ-bits

Carrie and Karl said...

One of my favorites (except for all those about me being a girl and the others all boys) was about Wii privileges. As an incentive to stay dry we made the rule that if you wet yourself you lose your Wii privileges. One day I got home late and ran to the bathroom, when I got out my son said: Do you still have your Wii privs?
I got to assure him that I did.