Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowed In and No Power!

I have been missing all week because we went down to visit our family for a few days, and got snowed in!  And to make things worse, the power went out all over the county.  And for my family home, that also meant no water because they have a well and the well pump needs electricity.  So no TV, no heat, no computer, no showers, no oven, nothing for almost 2 days.  Thankfully, my dad had a little generator that made it so we could flush the toilet, use the microwave, and charge our laptops and cellphones.  They also have a wood burning stove in the family room, so we were able to keep one room warm at least.  But it was pretty crazy being stranded and relying on each other for entertainment.

Here are a few shots I took with my camera:

My mom making way for the dogs

Sammy helping Ben push the Snowblower

Sam attempts to shovel

Dad and the snowblower are ditched when Grandpa pulls out the backhoe

Round one: Complete.  Wait and hour or so then head back out and do it again!

My parent's garden is no more....

They got about 3 feet....

They used to be dog houses...

We were planning on heading back on Tuesday but stayed until Wednesday then made the 5-6 hour long trip back home.  It was long, and the holiday traffic was horrible.  But here we are safe and sound... well, safe anyway.


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Hilarious Homemaker said...

Wow! Sounds like a great stress free trip- haha! But, I'm sure the family time was nice, since there was no t.v. or computers....although, the smell of two or more days without a shower may not have been so pleasant!

Merry Christmas!