Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great Bargains and eBay Weenies!

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I tried my hand for the very first time on eBay.  I had to peel myself away from my comfort zone for the noble cause of Christmas bargain shopping.

You all gave me some fantastic tips!  I almost feel like a pro now... well, almost... okay, not really, but I have for sure gotten the hang of it a little!  That counts for something right?

I was pretty bummed when I lost a couple Lego men to some other bidders -- there was no way I was going to pay more than a couple buck for some Lego guys... but I guess there are some desperate Lego fans out there that are willing to pay the big buck-a-roos.  Let them have them then...

However, my first purchase was a MAJOR score!  No joke!  You think I am exaggerating?  Well, I bought my first item for 1 cent.  No kidding!  I am serious.  Now you are thinking that I made up for it in shipping costs... NOPE.  Wrong again!  FREE SHIPPING!  That's right!  I got a $20 item for a cent.  I think I really like eBay.  In it's honor I had to make up a new dance of joy.  Trust me, you don't want to see it -- I look like a chicken trying to tango solo.


There is a down side... a darker side to eBay that I have discovered...

The eBay weenies.

That's right.  The eBay weenies.  I had multiple moments of "THAT IS SO UNFAIR" tantrums because somehow, and I don't know enough about eBay yet, but every time I bid on a item, they would have some magical counter bid at the same moment.  I could have bid 5 or 6 times in a row and every single time they are their first.

So, from now on, I am just going to stay away from the eBay weenies, because there is nothing I can do about their overbidding me... except bid a few more times to jack up their price Mwahahahaa!  But it really irks me when it is something I really wanted.

Oh, well.  C'est la Vie!

UPDATE:  Okay, I figured out the automatic bidding thing... but it still drives me nuts!!


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Cassie said...

Hey girl,
Just found your blog! I was checking out your sidebar and saw that you had lost a TON. Congrats mama, thats huge!! You must be working really hard! I am excited to follow your story!