Monday, December 13, 2010

Assaulted by Smells

One of the super senses we pregnant women get is the bionic nose.  We can smell EVERYTHING!  And it all smells really strong.  Which is fine and dandy when we have yummy smelling candles or Scentsy's around the house... but more often than not it can be painful.  Literally.

I can smell a dirty diaper from across the apartment.  I always know when someone has gas, I have to run around the house with cinnamon spray.  Foods that I normally like, smell so strong that I feel nauseous before I can get around to eating it, making that impossible.  And people's perfume nearly renders me unconscious in stores and out in public.

I think the whole perfume thing is the worst to handle.  I feel like it singes my nose hairs and burns my lungs!  Normally I don't have a problem with it, unless they smell like they took a bath in the stuff, and I myself like to wear a spray of it now and then.  But not right now!

I try to go to church a little early now so I can sniff around the meeting hall before sitting down.  No offense to all my elderly friends, but this pregnant nose just can't sit for a whole hour holding her breath.  Today a lady in the library almost killed me with her cheap stuff standing around a section of books I really, REALLY wanted to look at.  I ended up having to leave because I just couldn't stand it anymore and I almost threw up my lunch!

I hate to be mean, but those perfume smells really hurt!  Luckily we live in a time now were most people wear fruity smelling body spray... those I can handle.

Looking forward to having my normal nose back in a few months... some super powers are just no fun!



Anonymous said...

I could NOT handle cooking milk smells or air freshener when I was prego. Yuck! Can't wait to see the new baby!

Hilarious Homemaker said...

I hid my husbands cologne during my entire first pregnancy- I could literally taste it at times. Not good.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh I've missed your blog!!! I love catching up on everything, sorry I've been MIA but I seriously know what you're talking about!!!

Anonymous said...

Smells (thankfully) didn't bother me when I was pregnant with any of the kids. But preggers or not, I cannot stand walking into a room or even a store for that matter and being able to follow the wake of a bottle of perfume dumped on someone throughout the whole entire place. You can close your eyes and find the offending person no problem.

Two spritzs ladies! That's all ya need LOL!