Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winner of the 2010 Homemade Halloween Costume Contest Is...

Well, it looks like the Little Ghost won with 56 votes.  I, have to admit I was a little surprised only because the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and "Wii Mote" were neck to neck all week!  But the Little Ghost swooped in for the steal.

Congrats to Cyndi and her family!  If you'll send me your info, I will have the $25 gift card sent to you ASAP.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated in this years contest!  I have to tell you, that my Halloween Costume posts get a TON of traffic this time of the year and I am sure there are lots of people out there who NEED your ideas to help them out!  Thanks again!


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Our Family said...

Congrats, Cyndi! The little ghost is so cute, and I love that your daughter helped design it. All of the costumes were so cute this year!