Monday, November 1, 2010

Three Days Later, and I STILL Can't Move My Arms!!

It's been really rainy and cold lately, so I dusted off my Wii Workouts I did last winter and put my favorite in: Gold's Gym Cardio.  I thought, well, last winter I was great on this, I should still be pretty good.


Not only had I not done this workout since April, but now I am 5 months pregnant and more than a few pounds heavier... yeah, when the Advanced level used to be boring, here I am struggling to do the intermediate levels!!  I was covered in sweat and felt great afterwards, and I even had sound sleep that night.  BUT come morning, I literally couldn't move!  Trick-or-Treating was a real joy... let me tell you.  I should have dressed like a robot, because that's how I was walking!

I thought after a few days I would feel better.  But my arms are refusing to cooperate!  It's a miracle I can even type this post!!  Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration.  But you should have seen my wild hair for church yesterday!  It's a good thing it was Halloween, because I looked so frazzled, that I am pretty sure the older folks thought I was being festive.

Hopefully, I will be better functioning later today or tomorrow.  As much as I love working out, the soreness can really bite sometimes!!


PS -- If you haven't voted on the Halloween Costumes yet, please do!!! The post is here, and the voting is on the right!! Hurry, the poll closes tomorrow night at 11:59 PM. Thanks!!

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

You ROCK! So awesome that you're still working out preggo. You make me feel so guilty, haha!