Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FTX, The Snowman, and Christmas is Coming!

Last weekend, Ben had a training with the ROTC down at Camp Williams (Remember the guys that started the fire?  Yeah, THAT Camp Williams).  It was some semiannual thing they do to prepare the guys to become officers.  KIND OF (and I say that in the nicest way possible) like a super-mini basic training... minus like 10 weeks of hard labor, yelling Drill Sargent's, and serious survival training.  Basically (no pun intended), they go and do some land navigation, eat MRE's 1 (except the pizza they had the first night... cheaters), and take a turn on the firing range of pop-up targets.  All of which (minus the MREs) Ben was really excited about:
This picture was actually AFTER he came home.  No one should be this happy after training in a storm SICK!  Men are so weird!

Apparently he did really well.  Which of course, makes me a very happy, proud wife.

While Ben was gone, the boys and I had our own "adventures," if you will.  It seems like every time Ben leaves for the weekend, the boys go through this period of adjustment that lasts until... well... he comes home.  Tantrums seem to be echoing off the walls, A LOT.  Not to mention the fighting and the refusal to go to bed.  The first night, they were partying hardy in their room, in the DARK, no joke, until 4:30 am when I finally went in, ripped them a new one, striped the room of everything but their mattresses, pillows and blankets, and threatened them in no uncertain terms that if they did not go to sleep RIGHT NOW, there was going to be heck to pay when the sun comes up if this mama doesn't get some sleep!!!

They woke up at 7.  How unfair is that?!  And can you imagine the FUN day of grumpiness we had?

They slept a lot better the next night, and the next day we decided to go to the storage unit and get the Christmas tree and a few decorations.  NO ORNAMENTS this year. And NO nativities.... sad... so sad... but last year, most of my ornaments were decapitated and the animals in my very pricey nativity sets are now ear-less.  So this year, I told myself that nothing nice is coming out until they can have some respect for others things... probably not for a VERY long time.  This year, instead, I am going to make them make their own decorations... which can be both fun and interesting.  We'll see.

The only bad thing about this whole idea is that it seems that Sam is having a hard time understanding what Christmas is.  He seems to think that Christmas is a person, and has been having long conversations with them about coming over on his fake cell phone.  He told me that since now the tree is up, Christmas can come and bring him presents.  It doesn't matter what I say, he doesn't care.  Every morning he has been running out and looking for presents under the tree... this is going to be a LONG MONTH!

When Ben came home, I told him that one of his chores was to take the boys out and build a snowman.  I, for one, am NOT a snow person.  Sure I love to look at it, and I enjoy it this time of the year... but only from the other side of a window with hot coca in hand.  Not a huge fan of playing in it.

So the other night, out they went, all bundled up to build a snowman:

The happy snowman.  He actually withstood the pathetic "blizzard" we were supposed to have last night.  I think Sam's word for it describes it much better:  "Look mommy, a Snow Gizzard!!"


1 If you noticed my pathetic attempt at a foot-notation, and have no idea what an "MRE" is, here you go: An MRE is a "Meal Ready to Eat" for the military. They are packed full of vitamins and other stuff to keep them going in battle. Not made for the civilian. Each meal is around 5000 calories! And are designed to make you constipated so the soldier doesn't have to bother with a "potty break" during a mission. However, with each meal is included a laxative gum to counter the effects of the MRE.... sounds exciting doesn't it? Ben doesn't mind the MRE so long as it isn't the Fajitas one -- apparently this is the LEAST favored of all the meals, and highly disgusted, not to mention, it is the only one that doesn't come with a treat.

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