Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: Better Late than Never... On Sunday!

I have been SUPER busy this weekend with Ben at drill, the kids running around still high on Halloween candy, and this pregnancy wearing me out!  I have been really tired lately... baby must have hit a growth spurt or something.  I don't know.  So forgive me, please for SO not being on top of things this weekend.

I have been pushing myself a little more than usual to get my butt up and work out.  I started getting pregnant puffiness, and it made me a little self conscious.  I don't mind gaining the weight, all in due time, but I don't want to put it on too fast, and I admit I have been a little lazier than usual.  So up I got, and out I worked, and the puffiness went down... hmmm... there might be something to this whole workout thing after all, you think?

I have a lot of stuff going on this week, so don't worry if I am MIA a couple days here and there.  We have the Military Ball this weekend... and I can't tell you how much I WAS looking forward to it, until I got pregnant, that is.  Who wants to try to dress up with the belly?  Have you ever tried to even FIND a maternity formal dress?  Good grief, I started feeling like giving natural birth would be preferable than finding a suitable formal for the belly.

Finally I found a little black number that will work.  But it isn't very fancy.

I plan on decking out with some sparklies -- but you can only do so much without looking like trash.  I got some cute little black shoes with a slight wedge hill, and plan on doing my hair long and straight... my best look I think.  And then pray like mad that I don't look totally under-dressed!!

And no worries, you will all be getting the 411 with pictures come next week... if you're interested, anyway.

Have a great week everyone!!


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