Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Meet "Birthday Sam."

Not to be confused with "Sam the Man." "Birthday Sam" is 5 years old today, and can't wait until he comes home from school so he can open his presents at his 2nd favorite restaurant, The Village Inn.  (Not his first favorite, Chili's, because his parents are cheap and kids eat free at Village Inn on Tuesdays).

This morning, "Birthday Sam" got to have a special breakfast at his favorite breakfast play-place, McDonald's. (Mom's last choice, naturally, but she managed with one of their berry smoothies.  Dad missed out because he was at school... bummer).

What "Birthday Sam" doesn't know is that his WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS Mother made him a cool cake to go with his birthday theme this year... Legos.  He doesn't know this is the theme, but that's what's he's getting.

Now, I have to give a little Cat and her cake history:

A few years ago, I wanted to put my creativity skills to the test and do a Thomas the Tank Engine Cake.  It turned out pretty cute for my first try:

But I got REALLY cocky about it and figured I could do any kind of cake after doing that train.  Big mistake.  Never think you are cooler than you really are... or you may end up with a disaster that looks like this:

(My failed attempt at a dump truck for Nephi's birthday a year and half ago.)  I was so devastated and humbled, that I refused to make a another cake for a long time... but this year I thought I would give it another try...

And I think I redeemed myself after all.  Not bad for an amateur, huh? (I realize that it would have been smoother had I used fondant, but Sam wouldn't eat it).

Happy #5 "Birthday Sam"!!!

May this year bring you many happy potty training days... and other great things too!


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Anonymous said...

I've done a lot of cakes as well with 4 kids. As long as they like it- who cares? I think your cakes are cute and you made the effort at least! My sis-in-law bakes a cake in a 9x13 and puts a printed out picture from the computer on it- now that's pathetic. The cakes my mom made were what I remember for my birthdays, not the presents or the other stuff- THE CAKES!!! So I say BRAVO! Kristin