Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flu Shot Drama

Don't you just LOVE wellness check-ups?

I don't mind them too much.  The waiting room toys give me a little fear. I get a little germ-a-phobic at pediatrician offices... and Walmart.  I know the nurses probably run around with Lysol a few times a day.  But, I have never seen it done.  And you know what they say about the tree that falls if no one sees it...  Or are the dishes really done by the husband if there is no witnesses?

Some waiting rooms separate the sick kids from the well kids.  This effort is greatly appreciated by me.  But kids can be super sneaky and they don't often cover those little mouths.  Does any one know how fast and far germs fly during a sneeze or cough?  Not to mention that the fish tank seems to be in neutral territory.  The hundreds of hand prints on the glass creep me out a little.  But how do you keep your own kid from doing the same thing?

Once we got out of the waiting room, things went smoothly once I got Nephi to part with his Spiderman shoes so they could weigh him.  It crazy to me that my kids are almost the same size even though they are 20 months apart.  No wonder everyone thinks they are twins!

The doctor asked Sam if he was a boy or a girl.  He was pretty sure that he was a girl -- which frustrated the doctor to no end.  I told him that he was asking him wrong.  You can to put the answer on the end of the question:  "Are you a girl or a boy?"  He will always repeat the last word as his answer.  This can pretty fun at times and let me be the first to admit that we abuse this little game at times.

"Sammy, who do you want to change your poop?  Mommy or DADDY?"
"Sammy, who is your favorite parent?  Daddy or MOMMY?"
"Sammy, who should wash the dishes?  Mommy or DADDY?"

Then it gets old with me and Ben... but strangers or people who don't know the trick get fooled all the time.  I can't tell you how many times I have gotten my friends to change his diaper, because "he wanted THEM to do it."  *Evil Laugh*  And my mom ALWAYS falls for it...

"Sammy, who do you want to brush your teeth?  Mommy or GRANDMA?"
"Sammy, do you want to go with mommy or GRANDMA?"

Anyway, I told the doctor he just needed to know the trick.  He thought this was only a little funny and told me I needed to work with him on understanding the relationships between objects and people, and help him to understand questions.  (Like I don't do that anyway?)  So I guess I need to grow up a little... bummer.

The boys were ready to go home after the doctor left, but I told them we needed to wait for their "medicine" aka shots.  Sam was due for his kindergarten shot, and I wanted both boys to get flu shots... I got mine last week, and Ben gets his at his Army drill this weekend.  That left the chillins.

Sam wanted to go first because he thought he would get it in a little cup.  So you can imagine the HORROR when he had to lay down with his pants down to his knees.  There was lots of screaming.  And probably Sammy cuss words that no one understands anyway.  Nephi was screaming too... with sympathy and tried to escape out the room.  I felt a little evil because I found the whole situation funny... I had to try really hard to look sympathetic and not laugh.  It was hard!

Nephi fought the whole way.  He did NOT want that shot.

And he retaliated by playing "cripple" afterwards.  He was limping and dragging his leg.  His face was twisted in pain and he milked it for all it was worth.

"Oh, look at the little guy!  He can barely walk!" One of the nurses said as we came out.

"Flu shot." I said.  Faces of sympathy turned into smiles, and giggles were suppressed.  And I almost felt bad for the little guy until we got back into the waiting room and he saw the fish tank.  Pain forgotten he ran to the fish like nothing was wrong... ahhh... the truth comes out.  So he got no sympathy from me as he remembered as we left and limped to the car.

Poor baby.

And he was the one with only one shot.

Sam was Mr. Cool after his 2 shots.  Good for him.



Ana said...

My three year old does that question thing all the time; it's hilarious! I was thinking your doc was more concerned that he might be struggling to understand questions than that you guys were too goofy about it. My five year old doesn't do that anymore, which is why I was thinking maybe it's something they are supposed to outgrow earlier? Not that I'm completely up on what's normal, ha.

Mama Nut said...

Well, Sam isn't normal. He is speech/ language impaired. We deal with the trials with humor. He'll get it soon enough, and we aren't laughing at him, he loves the games too.

Shan B. said...

Oh my gosh that's soooo funny. My oldest (who's almost 8) used to scream bloody murder any time he had to get shots...especially that darn flu shot!! All I can do is laugh the whole time because I'm sooo embarrassed that he would be making such a scene. I'm laughing right now...hahaha....when he was around 4 he had to get shots in both legs (this kid has no fat anywhere on his body) & he came out of the office walking oh so gingerly & said something about not being able to walk & the ma's were trying so hard not to laugh out loud...I wish I could remember his exact was sooo freaking funny!!! But he stopped crying enough to get a taste of the lollipop...I'm wondering how he'll do if he gets a flu shot this year. HOpefully he's grown out of it. Probably not though.

Jill said...

Mason did that all the time with questions as well. He doesn't so much anymore. The preschool language pathologist should help him with that.

Jill said...

We get shots at our local health dept because our dr is so far away. However that is also where the WIC office is. So when it was time to go to WIC again, Mason was screaming because he thought he had to get shots again. I told him not to worry, but then he remembered that he got a coupon for a free ice cream cone at the local restaurant. Hmmm.... maybe a shot does sound appealing!

Our Family said...

My kids just got their shots yesterday. Luckily, they were saved one shot each because they were able to get the flu mist. They were all in tears, though. Shot day is no fun.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Yes, I agree completely! Doctor's offices are the nastiest places ever! And shots---yikes. I love the whole milking it for attention afterward, too funny!