Friday, October 8, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: It's YOUR Turn!

I get a lot of emails from people with fitness, health, and weight loss questions.  I do my best to answer, according to me, but my ways aren't always the best ways for everyone, if you know what I mean.  Every body is different, and everyone has different lifestyles, time schedules, and exercise equipment access.  So I want to pose a few questions to you as my readers, friends, and fellow challengers.  If you have answers, please leave us a comment!!  And feel free to leave a question or two of your own!

1.  "I'm a working mom.  How can I find time to exercise?"

2.  "I eat out a lot at my lunch break.  Does anyone have any healthy suggestions?"

3.  "How can I nurse sore muscles from exercise, and how can I prevent them in the first place?"

4.  "I want to run, but I can't.  How can I work up to it?"

5.  "My biggest problem is night eating!  How can I curb those munchies?"

6.  "I'm pregnant and I don't want to gain more weight than I should.  How can I keep myself in check when I really want naughty food, and feel too tired to exercise?"

7.  "What are some simple tips to lower fat cooking?"

8.  "I get side cramps when I try to run.  How can I prevent those?"

9.  "When is the best time to exercise?"

10.  "How can I include my young kids in my workout plan?"

These are just a few questions I have received over the last year or so.  Now I want to hear your answers and advice!!


The Challenger of the week:

Hi, I'm Marisa. I've been married for 14 years to my BYU sweetheart. We have four kids ranging in age from 4 to 13 (having a brand new teenager is crazy at times!). I'm a stay-at-home mom who tries hard to keep up with all the cleaning, cooking, paperwork and activities that go along with having a family. Sometimes exercise is hard to fit into the schedule. It competes a lot with my need for sleep, hours of reading and computer time, and other things I'd much rather be doing with my spare moments. The challenges this Summer and Fall have been a great motivator to help get me off my relatively lazy behind and get moving. Though I resist exercising almost every day, I think of all the points I could be earning, and then I make time and get busy on my workout. Then about 10 minutes into it, I realize how good it feels and I'm really glad I did it! I love that I've been able to increase my speed and total time on the elliptical. I also love how I can fit into clothing sizes which I last wore three children ago. I have about 10 more pounds to lose before I'll be back to the weight I was 14 years ago. I've plateaud for the last few months, but I'm happy that I've at least maintained all the weight loss success I've had since January. Any suggestions on how to push past a plateau? I would love to reach my goal by the end of the year.

Most of my weight has come off with exercise. I'm not very good at changing my eating habits. I have a weakness for sweets. One thing I have been able to change is cutting way back on soda and drinking plenty of water. I know that has been helpful, and it makes me feel so much better. I'm excited to walk in my first official 5K race this weekend (actually 3.72 miles, so closer to 6K)! A friend suggested I go with her, and I'm so glad she did. Funny how this time last year, I would never have been excited to walk that far.

Here are the points from those who have reported.  If you missed this week, just get to me next week and I will update this.  If you notice that you have extra points, I added a point to those who reported on time, unless they told me they already included it.  If you had, and just didn't tell me and I gave you an extra point on accident, just let me know I will fix it!

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Ana said...

If you want avoid a stitch in your side when you run, don't eat a meal right before you go. Just like you can get a cramp while swimming, too much food in your system will make your side cramp. I don't like to run on an empty stomach because I don't have the energy to really push myself, but I keep my pre-run snack small and high protein. Typically, it's some nuts and a little dried fruit. I haven't had a stitch in my side in years since figuring this out.

Anonymous said...

1. Working mom's and stay-at-home moms are just the same when it comes to working out. You have to set the time aside. If you work out earlier in the morning you will ultimately burn more calories and have more energy throughout the day. When you get a break at work do power exercises that take just a couple of minutes for example: rest your hands, elbows behind you on the edge of your chair, knees bent, back stabilized, abs in and push up and down using your own body weight. All those little exercises add up!
2.Watch for hidden fats and high calorie food. Plan ahead and know what's available. Most places sell salads with vinaigrette's,but don't forget the protein or you'll be hungry later. Avoid white flours and sugars and stick to fruits, vegies and proteins to boost you up.
3.You have it right- prevention is the key. Warm-up before the hard stuff and stretch before if necessary and definitely don't forget the cool-down and stretching later. Know the right stretches for the parts that commonly get sore. Increase the magnesium and calcium in your diet. Also you can get an electrolyte solution called Elete water drops to add into your water. Plus drink, drink, drink- water that is.
4. This one is easy. Just walk add one 10 second trot/jog into the middle of your routine and gradually work more in as you go. Do intervals of walking and running and increase the amount of running as you go. Remember to wear good shoes and hydrate!
5. Night munchies are a bummer! Go to bed earlier if possible and spread your protein out throughout the day saving the biggest portion for your evening meal. Cut down on white flours and sugars and if you need to munch- chips for example- eat carrots. I know- not as fun, but empty calorie foods can still help you feel full without adding those calories that keep you hungering for more. Drink lots of water as well and find activities that keep you out of the kitchen.
6. Don't ignore your cravings, but don't overindulge. You're feeding that baby too and when you crave certain foods- it may be an indication that your body is lacking in nutrients. You might look up some good substitutes that have the same nutrients, without all the extra unnecessary stuff. And don't stress too much- wouldn't you rather have a healthy baby? Avoid preservatives, drink lots of water and stay active as much as your doctor allows.
7. Lower fat cooking isn't always necessary, but the types of fats you use may make a difference. Instead of using butter in the bottom of your pan- use water as a cooking medium. Olive oil is the healthiest oil for you. Substitute fruit puree in muffins for the oil and use egg whites only. There are a lot of ways to cut the fat, but remember that some fat is important. Natural fats like avacados, olive(s) and eggs can be okay- even butter. Being conscious of your calorie intake may be a better option, but you can always find lower fat or fat free recipes on the internet. One more thing- use more spices to replace the flavor that the fats would normally provide.
8. Side cramps can be alleviated by increasing magnesium and calcium in your diet. Drink plenty of water.
9. I would have to say morning on this one- you burn more calories throughout the day, have more energy and increase oxygen flow. However, if this does not work for you- do it when you can- any exercise you can get is great!
10. Go on walks where you push them in the stroller or they walk with you depending on their ages. Find an activity they like and make more of it. Go to the playground and play tag or do pull-ups while they play their way. Set up an obstacle course at home or the playground. Jump rope, hula hoop, have races- just try to let them win occasionally or they'll quit on you. Let them ride a bike while you run...there are no limits!