Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Months Pregnant and Still Running Strong!

Me running at 2 months pregnant
... Well, at least jogging.

It's been about 3 weeks now since I have been able to get out and jog or even walk because of this killer sciatic nerve thing in my leg.  I have been really depressed about it all because I could feel myself start to gain some weight, I got a little depressed, and I was feeling lazy, tired, and unmotivated.  I hate that feeling!!

But last night, before I went to bed, I had Ben rub the nerve down my leg, I went to bed early, got a lot of sleep and woke up feeling really good.  So I decided to get out and go for a jog before I started hurting.

I told myself that if I could just do a mile I would be happy.  Well, a mile came and went and then my goal was just a 1/2 more, and then to my surprise I made it to two whole miles before I realized that I should probably not push myself anymore because I would probably regret it latter on.  Besides, my uterus felt really tight and the pressure was low on my hip bones.

But I felt GREAT!

I think the trick is, a good rub before bed, plenty of sleep, and work out FIRST thing in the morning to outsmart those pesky sciatic nerves.  So we will see how the rest of the week goes.  I feel that 3 days of working out is perfect, not pushing it, but getting the job done.

I think in a few weeks, however, I am going to have to dig out my belly brace.  I am getting quite the belly... I will post my 5 month pic later this week.

Does anyone out there have any great advice to share about running while pregnant?  Please share!



Ruth said...

I would ask at your next appointment about running while pregnant. Find out what the recommendations are.

Mama Nut said...

Oh, I did! I asked on my first appointment. She told me I could run until I delivered if I didn't push it.

I just thought some of the readers out there had suggestions about other aspects of it, like breathing, best time of the day, that sort of thing.

Photina said...

I was "running" throughout my pregnancy. Let's call it what it was. I was jogging especially towards the end. LOL My trainer was still amazed that I was running several miles consistently before I had my daughter. But if you keep it up you will have an easier recovery. I had a c-section and was up and moving the morning after to the surprise of everyone except my husband. They said it was in great deal due to me continuing to jog.

I would suggest getting a belly band. It will help support your belly while you run. That is what my friend did. I never used one but she loved hers. I wish I had especially at the end. I also found for me that going out in the morning was the best time of day to go for a jog.

Our Family said...

Go, Cat!

Nina said...

It is awesome that you still keep running!
In normal pregnancies women can usually run/jog as long as it feels good; especially if they have started running before getting pregnant.

Happy runs out there!