Saturday, October 30, 2010

2nd Annual Homemade Halloween Costume Contest Entries!!!

Okay, I know this is a little late coming.  But I really wanted to give more people a chance to enter a little closer to Halloween.  Now, I am not going to vote for this myself.  No way!  It's just too blasted hard to pick because they are all SO fun and clever!  So if you look over to the sidebar there on the right, there will be a poll... YOU get to vote for your favorite and tell all your friends to come by and vote too!  Because the winner gets... drum roll...
A $25 Dollar Gift Certificate to Target!!
Now before I share the entries, here is a peek at what we were this Halloween:
The Budget Ninja Costume!
Ben's Ninja Costume IS Homemade, except for the t-shirt. 
Pregnant Skeleton and little soldiers' costumes:
Ours not really homemade but cute anyway!
And here are our entries!  Remember to vote for your favorite, polling ends Tuesday night, November 2nd at 11:59pm.  Note:  Some of the entries are combined because they go together -- so you vote for one, you vote for both!
Tinkerbell and Peter Pan - Submitted By Danielle

"My daughter asked to be Tinker Bell this year, so I looked for ideas online and she and I finally decided on a tutu dress. It was a lot of work cutting all those strips of tulle, but worth it to see the smile on her face when she became Tinker Bell. 

"My son gets to be Peter Pan so he can match his sister. I followed the tutorial from from last year for his costume. I really love the little feather hat too, but could not get him to wear it even long enough for a picture. Oh well."

Three Musketeer Barbies -- Submitted by Vanessa

"This is the first year EVER that I have made costumes. The girls saw the Barbie movie "Barbie and the Three Musketeers" and they wanted to be musketeers. So here they are posing as musketeers."

Little Green Witch & Mama with Spartan Soldier -- Submitted by Heidi

Heidi made her own costume and the little green witch, however, her husband actually made his own!

Crayon Family -- Submitted by Taralee

"Last Halloween I really wanted something that our whole family could do together. Every year my kids want to be something that they have just seen on t.v. So before they could go and spend all my money on the lastest fad, I announced that I was making all the costumes. Suprisingly the kids loved the thought of me making the costumes. We all decided on crayons beacuse who doesn't love sitting down in a quiet place and to color a nice picture."

Ariel -- Submitted by Stephanie

Robin and Clown -- Submitted by Wendy

"My favorite one is my 3 year old who wanted to be "Robin" last year, but I was clueless as to how to make one that would look like Robin. So we dressed him up as a "bat boy" wearing batman pj's and a black cape that I made. That was last year. This year, I found a Robin costume in a store, and looked closely at it, and said.... " I can totally make that ... it's easy I just need some felt!"

"I have my daughter who at the last minute the night before the carnival said she wanted to be a CLOWN!!! What?!
I happened to have this material in my basement and it had been in there for YEARS.. without a purpose, until that very night!! I pulled up the material, I used some of her favorite pants that were actually capris and elongated the legs to make her pants. And I used one of her favorite shirts for the clown shirt. I had some leftover purple blanket binding, and sewed it on around the edges on the shirt. For last minute I think it turned out pretty darn good."

Wii-mote -- Submitted by Dina

"My oldest son Jacob loves to play Wii, and he gets to more than I would like to admit. So for Halloween there was no other choice than for him to be a Wii-mote. With my rudimentary sewing skills and a hot glue gun I created this masterpiece. It's made out of white felt (grey for the A button), and the use of multi colored sharpies. I had a lot of fun making it and so far it has been a hit. We've been to two parties and there are two more to go!"

Cute Little Ghost -- Submitted by Cyndi

"My little girl INSISTED on being a ghost this year.  Since she was a few months old she has been in a tutu for Halloween every year (ballerina, ladybug, cookie monster, and now a ghost).  I didn't want this year to be any different so I had to figure out how to make a ghost from a tutu.  She also INSISTED that it have a "boo" face.  After drawing 10 or so different options for faces, it was clear that only the perfect OVAL "boo face" would be acceptable for my 3 year old!  The ghost also sparkles as that has also been a tradition of ours!"  

Little Witch & Cat Girl -- Submitted by Micaela

"Hannah wanted to be a cat, and Eliza a witch--not very original, I know. My mom flew out to help out for the birth of our baby, and while she worked a lot on their costumes. The witch hat was store-bought, though, and I did do some sewing and also stitched the sequins onto both costumes. But my wonderful mom did most of the work--some while I was even in the hospital :)"

Paper, Rock, & Scissors -- Submitted By Carrie

" I wanted my boys costumes to go together this year, so my boys were: Paper, Rock and Scizzors."

A BIG, HUGE Thanks to all of the participants!  I REALLY enjoyed seeing all of your creativity this year, and I think everyone else will too!

Happy Halloween!


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