Thursday, September 16, 2010

When the Ox is in the Mire

It seems that all bets are off when you're pregnant!  No matter what YOUR plans are, your baby and your body have plans of their own, and basically there is nothing you can do about it but give in.

How unfair is that?

The day I found out I was pregnant, I quit drinking soda.  You may remember me writing about it, and how happy and healthy and fit I was feeling.  It was amazing the difference in myself when I wasn't drinking Diet Coke.  I could sleep better, run better, endure better.  My stress level was lower and I was happy!

It was a great first trimester and I had no morning sickness, not even nausea!  I did gain more weight than I would have liked to, but my doctor said that if I am working out and watching those calories, that I wouldn't gain more than the baby needed.  I'm good with that.

Then these last couple weeks I rolled into my second trimester, and suddenly that 1st trimester sickness has hit me.  I could handle it... maybe... I'm tough...

But I was so thirsty and water and juice and every other drink I was drinking was making me really sick.  History was repeating itself, and it stinks!  I never drank much soda until I got pregnant with Sam and water and juice made me barf, so I turned to soda and soothed my tummy and that was that.

Now, it's happening again... but I swore I wouldn't give in.  I still forced myself to drink water, and it made my stomach so sick, until I just couldn't do it anymore.  My husband offered to get me a soda and I said no, I can do this!  I worked so hard for it!  But as a week went by I lost all my reserve, I was thirsty, and hungry and nothing looked very well... and I lost 5 pounds... which probably isn't the best thing to do in the second trimester.  I can't function like this... my house fell apart and my kids were suffering because I was!

So I gave in.  And it soothed my stomach so much that I was able to eat again.

And I felt like a failure.

I got a little depressed.  I take that back.  I got WAY depressed!

Ben told me to get over myself.

So I'm trying.  But I am not going to hide in shame anymore.  I am sick of sneaking my soda into my house so my neighbors don't see that I have been giving in.  I am going to stop going to gas stations far away where no one knows me or there is a chance I may run into my friends.  And I am not going to hide my downfall from my readers anymore, because I started feeling like a hypocrite and a liar.

So there it is.  All my shame for the word to see...  Head hanging in defeat...

But you can bet your buttons, that as soon as I can drink water and juice and other stuff again, the soda is out the door!!!  THAT is a promise!!!



Bridget said...

Do NOT feel bad about drinking whatever you need to when you're pregnant. You just need to do what works for your body! When I was pregnant with Josie water made me sick, sick, sick and the only thing that worked for me was powerade. I drank gallons of it and it worked a ton better for me than water (which is just funny that water makes so many pregnant women sick, I wonder what it is?). Another thing that helped me a ton this go around was chewing gum. I wasn't a big gum chewer before, but it really helped take the edge off of my upset stomach. Good luck and really don't feel bad - I consider myself a relatively healthy person, but when I'm pregnant that little fetus reigns as to what I do (and do not) do!

Shauna said...

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Shauna from

Becky in Wyo said...

Ben's right - get over it. Pregnancy is an "all bets are off" period of life. Keep yourself feeling well, and don't worry about the soda pop, and especially because if it helps you eat the healthier stuff, go for it.

I went through an attitude adjustment in a similar way with my anti-anxiety medication, and a few rounds of therapy at the end of my last pregnancy. My sister had been telling me for years to see a therapist and get on some medication for my mood swings and feelings of depression. But I resisted because I can be stubborn and pig-headed, wanting to be tough and handle things on my own. But after I got help, I felt so much better.

And you know what? I get to experience the positive self-esteem I get from being a more productive and pleasant person because of the therapy I had, and regular medication I am on. I know I am a better person for my family, and that they are happier and have less stress because the Mom isn't whacked out a lot of the time. And knowing that, knowing I am creating a more positive environment in my home by getting the right help for my problems makes a positive contribution to my self-esteem.

So don't worry about the soda. Just do what you need to do to function better for yourself and everyone else. The Super-Hard-Core-Health-Wagon will be waiting for you climb back on sometime after the baby is born.

Our Family said...

Don't beat yourself up, Cat. I'm sorry you're so sick right now. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear that it caught up with you. I just came out of that family fun killer.

Vitamin Water is a great way to drink water during those yucky times. It also has extra vitamins (in case you puked yours up -like me) and is low in sugar. You can even go 1/2 water and 1/2 vitamin water, if your really worried.

BTW, ob's are fine with you drinking caffeine free coke, if your cravings aren't strictly diet coke. They get a little weird about the artificial sweeteners. If it is a Diet only craving, then feeding the craving for the next few weeks couldn't possible do any worse damage than not eating and being dehydrated.

I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I totally didn't get the "1st trimester" sickness until I hit the second and from them on...OMG.

I, too, craved soda, mainly for the carbonation. Have you tried mixing soda water with juice? I felt guilty drinking soda, so I was able to cut back. Dave called them my screwdrivers since I preferred Orange Pineapple juice (preferably Simply Orange) with my soda water. Just enough carbonation to settle my stomach and less guilt :-P

Regardless, do what makes you FEEL good. Whether it's drinking soda or not, you're body is telling you what it needs to help you function :-).

CoralRubyStephMatt said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself. Pregnancy is a whole other matter. Love yourself some diet Coke while you're pregnant especially since not much else is appealing.