Monday, September 13, 2010

Wacky Weekend Recap!

Usually weekends at the Nutshell are fairly ho-hum.  But once in a while we'll get a crazy one where I swear I age 5 years over night!  This was one of those weekends.


Friday night Ben left out of town for his Army Unit Drill, so the boys and I settled down for a quiet weekend, just the three of us.  But it was anything but quiet!  There was a family festival at the university I wanted to take the boys to.  We went last year and they had a blast, so I thought, well might as well head over there!  So as soon as Ben took off, so did we.

I had a girlfriend come with me to enjoy the walk, and help me keep an eye on the boys.  And I am really glad I did because when we got there it was much more crowded than it had been the year before.  Well, the boys had a lot of fun, and got lots of free stuff like books, beach ball globes, candy, magnets, etc.  They also served free dinner -- sandwiches and chips.  The boys got to play with foam swords:
They got their faces painted:

They got to pet some sheep, play with bubbles, and stack blocks. They were really good boys and things went off without a hitch.  Until that is, we went to the science table and they were shooting off water bottle rockets...

Sam and Nephi thought this was brilliant!!  They watched as kids put water bottles on the end of this hose thing, backed up, pulled a string, and shot the bottles hundreds of feet into the air.  They waited in line like good boys, and Nephi went first.  It went great and he thought it was SOOOO cool... even if he did try to drink the water first... yuck.  Then it was Sam's turn.

Sam got his water bottle ran up to the hook ups and started hooking the bottle up:
Then he ran over to pull the string... but the science guys told him not to because there was another kid over there still hooking his bottle up and they wanted to shoot both off at the same time.  I stood behind Sam and kept telling him NOT to pull the string.  He was antsy and really wanted to pull it.  Then I got antsy when to prove his point of not pulling the string yet, the science geek went and stood over Sam's bottle.  Oh no, I thought.  What an idiot.  You don't stand over a bottle rocket that is in the hands of a 4 year old!!  I could see what was coming when I saw the evil glint in Sammy's eyes...

"Sam, DO NOT pull that string!"

He did.

Science geek is now singing soprano.



5:00 am -- My cell phone rings waking me up from good dream and deep sleep.  It was Ben.

"What's wrong!?"  I knew it had to be something for him to call me that early.

"I forgot my boots."

"What?  That was dumb.  What do you want me to do about it?"  I am not the nicest person in the world when woken up anyway, pregnant me is so much ruder.

"I dunno.  I might have to go buy some new ones..."

"Just do what you got to do!" And off I was and back to sleep.

9:10 am -- My cell phone rings again.

"I couldn't get any boots and today is family day."  This took me a second to digest the information.

"What?  Why didn't you tell us like yesterday or last week?"

"I didn't know until this morning!  I didn't get the email."  He told me.  I asked him what time it started and he told me 12:30.

"Do you want us to come?"  I wasn't really sure if I wanted to... it was a 2 1/2 hour drive, and I still hadn't taken a shower.

"Yes... and can you bring my boots?"  Ahhhh... ulterior motives... I don't think I ever showered that fast, got ready, got the boys ready, and threw everyone and everything into the car.  We made great time and pulled into my sister's place (she lives 15 minutes from Ben's unit) around noon, met Ben there and off we went!  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  What better way is there to spend 9-11 than with a group of soldiers and their families?
The boys and I got home late that night.  We would have stayed there over night, but I had church responsibilities come Sunday.


I think this was the hardest day to get through.  It always is without Ben around.  The boys where pretty grumpy in the church meeting, and it was a little unnerving because we were sitting near the front.  I thought we made it through, when we had 10 minutes left, when they started throwing toys and hitting each other.  I had to take them out, now.  Great!  And to make things worse, the speaker was our Stake President (the Area President over several churches in the neighborhood).  I grabbed my stuff, grabbed the boys, and tried to get out.  I would like to say they went quietly.  But they didn't.  There was a major meltdown in the aisle, lots of yelling, crying, and screaming.  Little bodies flung themselves on the floor and tried to escape.  It was a complete disaster and the whole congregation was watching our spectacle.  I found out later that when we finally got out of the chapel, the Stake President said, "I didn't think my talk was that bad!"

It's nice to know that people still have a good sense of humor.  I mentioned when I got up to teach my lesson that I was a little frazzled and suffered from high blood pressure today due to the little episode earlier on.  Everyone knew what I was talking about and laughed.

And now, I think I can laugh about it too.



Britt said...

I have had those days myself. I was mortified once when my then 2 year old decided to play the you can't get me game in the middle of sacrament meeting and ran up on the podium. I wanted to throttle her.

Jill said...

What a weekend! I'm glad you got to spend 9/11 with Ben though. I would have paid money to see the science geek guy when that rocket went off. Priceless! Is anything really safe in the hands of a 4 year old? Really!? ;)

Ruth said...

I think I miss my husband the most on the weekends. It seems the rest of week is easy to get through. I try really hard NOT to cry every Sunday.

Becky in Wyo said...

I am so laughing right now! I think we've all been there as parents of small children - somebody going ballistic in sacrament meeting. What makes my episodes interesting is my teenagers next to me commanding me to take the little ones out when they make the slightest peep. Teenagers are so sensitive!

Becky in Wyo said...

P.S. I am a ginormous crankyhead when I'm woken up, too. People in my house don't talk to me when I'm asleep unless they don't have any other choice.