Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Different Worlds Make for One Great One!

Me and my cousin
My cousin wrote a post on her blog yesterday that cracks me up every time I think about it.  On her blog, she wrote about how she tends to judge people at first sight, but don't blame her, she's a writer and that's what she does!  She isn't the only person that sits in an airport or other public places and makes up stories about individuals walking or waiting around.  Sometimes I am so glad that people don't know what I am thinking!  I mean, how many of us moms have sat in the waiting room at the OB/GYN and have made quick judgments?

This blog post she wrote, really got me thinking about things.  It made me wonder how people in her situation may view me?  My cousin is a single, beautiful, successful career woman who has seen the world and rubbed elbows with lots of different and important people.  She is a great writer, and VERY funny.  I like to follow her blog and Facebook updates just to get a taste of the excitement she seems to always be living and leave her a comment every once in a while to see how she's doing and what's she up to.  She lives in such a different world than I do, that it's weird to think about sometimes.  So I mostly don't.  But as different as we are, we were close as kids, and I know that as weird as I may seem to her, she still loves me.  She calls herself "Blackhearted" but I beg to differ!

I know we have a hard time relating to each other these days.  I can't imagine running around like she does, and having deadlines and work-related responsibilities.  And I am sure as heck, she can't imagine living in my shoes either!  If you took me and plunked me right in the middle of her world, I would be a fish out of water, and if you did the same to her, she would probably run away screaming!  I would be no fun at the high class parties she goes to, I wouldn't even know what to wear... and if I found something it would probably have a stain on it!  And I am pretty sure dirty diapers, spaghetti-O's on the celling, 20 loads of laundry and kitchen full of dirty dishes would scare her away if not the first time she spotted Nephi drinking out of my re-fill cup with snot running away from his nose down my straw did!  Which reminds me, I actually had a friend (childless) gag over that one.  She asked me how I could stand it!  Instead of telling her I sanitize the heck out of it, my snarkiness came out and I just told her that the first drink after Nephi's assault is a little salty, but after that it's fine.  I thought she was going to puke... it was hilarious!

Let's face it, every one makes judgments, I mean we have to to survive and make it in this world.  And I know that I am being judged... you can tell by the way people look at you.  If it isn't "Oh, what a cute family!" it's "Can't that lady control her kids!?"   Or "if that was my kid..." Pshaw, whatever.  I learned long ago, that I can't let what I THINK others are thinking about me affect me... OR even what they so "kindly" tell me about their feelings on my parenting and lifestyle are.

I am glad I have a cousin that lives so differently than I do, and I am sure she feels the same way.  How wonderful it is to get a peek into someone else's life now and then and gleam a little understanding and a lot more love.  Everyone is different, and I believe that's what makes this world so great!  I would be bored to tears if every person living was the same.  Wouldn't you?

So if you give me a break, I'll give you one!



Amy said...

I love Cousin Tess! She does have an amazing life, that is for sure. I will never forget, she is the one who first introduced me to Green Day and the Beatles, who made me want to go redecorate my room ceiling to floor with posters, pictures, and any other object that would fill up a tiny space. She is great, and I will never forget the good ol days when we put our stuffed animals in a wheelbarrow, turned up the New Kids on the Block, and rocked the neighborhood.

Blackhearted Sista said...

Um... Don't forget the time we became private investigators and went around your neighborhood trying to dig up mysteries to solve. I think I still have the badge we made somewhere. The original Veronica Mars, I'd say.

Loved the blog! And that picture... I have to have a copy to frame. I look like a coy gypsy and you're some kind of Native American/old prairie woman. But I will tell you that at the party I went to this past Saturday the dress I wore did, in fact, have a stain on it! I kid you not. I got it vintage and the dry cleaner couldn't get this oil muck off the back. I just hoped that the flowers on the dress would disguise it or the lighting at the party would be dim. Success!

Miss you both and love you! xoxo