Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pregnancy: It's about Comfort!

Usually, when CSN asks me if I want to do a review or a giveaway, I always pick to giveaway. I feel sort of selfish keeping the goodies all to myself.

But things change when your pregnant... everything suddenly becomes all about YOU! Or in my case ME. So I decided to do a review this time. Now, being pregnant and just into my 2nd trimester, comfort starts to become a factor.

I can no longer sleep on my belly, and now sleeping on my back is out of the question too. So enters the side sleeping... my LEAST favorite way to sleep... and out comes the pillows! My husband HATES my pillow collection. He says they take over the bed and don't give him enough wiggle room. "Too bad," I say, being the self-centered pregnant woman person that takes over my body and allows no room for his feelings when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

"If you don't like it, sleep on the couch!"  At this he moans and groans and finally gives in.  Sorry, guys, the pregnant wife usually always wins this one.

So there I am with my nest-mountain of pillows, and Ben is clinging to edge of our queen sized mattress.  Poor baby.  I justify my actions by remembering that I need my sleep to handle the kids in the morning, and that he deserves this for waking me up in the night with his sleep-talking in binary code:  "zero. one. one. zero. zero...."  Got to love Engineers!

So when I got this offer to do a review I immediately thought about comfort and zipped over to CSN's modern bedding section, I looked through mattress pads, downy comforters, and other cozy things.  Then... I found the dream of all pregnant women!!!  The mother of all pillows!!  This baby:

The Body Wrap... Does it get any better than that!!???  Seriously!

I. Must. Have. One.

So Ben, sweetie, love of my life, do you think you could scoot over just a little bit more?



The Mom said...

Oh, I want one! I looked online at prices and at Sears it's $78, and at Sam's Club it's $48. That is quite the spread of prices!

Jill said...

Oh the mountain of pillows. I have a tote full of pillows that I use during pregnancy. Then back in they go when I'm done. My hubby always complained about all the pillows, too. Not so bad now that we have a king bed. :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Ohmygoodness, TOTALLY! Be selfish! You know I've been looking for something like this SO hard!!! I need one!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

That's awesome. Poor Ben. At least it's only temporary. :o)

Becky in Wyo said...

I'm totally cacking right now! That pillow is HUGE!! Now if you could just get someone to donate a king-size mattress and frame to have you review on your blog...

I have a Sleep Comfort king-size mattress, and I LOVED it with my last pregnancy! So much room, aahhhh!!! And I could adjust the firmness on my side of the mattress as I progressed through my pregnancy. Maybe you could get some kind of blog petition going and sweet-talk Sleep Comfort into giving you one free, or at a discount, for you to review on your blog. I'm just saying, it could be worth the effort. There'd be a lot less bedtime complaints from Ben (not just because of the increased room, but he could adjust his side of the bed, too!), and hey, maybe even that HUGE pillow would now fit on the bed!!