Monday, September 20, 2010

Password Please!!

Old pic: Nephi on said slide
So what is it with kids and their passwords?

The other day, I took the boys out to play, and the first thing they always do is take a ride down the slide.  But this particular afternoon, two cute little girls were sitting on the top blocking the way.  My boys looked up at them and waited for them to clear way and grant passage.

"Password!!" They called down to them.  Of course my boys with their limited language skills had no idea what they were talking about.

"Slide down the slide!" Nephi told them.

"No, you have to tell us the password!" The older of the two girls said.

"Move!" Sam yelled getting impatient.

"No, password first!"  They snapped back.

I just sat back in my chair curious how things would be handled.  It was your typical boys vs. girls stand off -- who would win?

Well, as soon as I saw Sam's violent face come on and Nephi's fists balled -- I knew that my boys were about to open a can of whoop on these unsuspecting girls.  So before pigtails started flying, and little girls crying, I stepped in.

"Girls, can you let the boys slide down please?"  I asked in my nicey-nice mama voice.

"Okay!"  They said, and slide away.

Problem solved.

Now, I started thinking:  Where to kids get this password stuff?  It isn't like we ask all our visitors to tell us the password before we welcome them in our homes.  Can you imagine having one of those little sliding doors that only reveals your eyes installed?

It's not like we ever need passwords for anything but whatever's online these days.  So where do kids get it?  Cartoons?  It's not like they watch the old movies...

Then again it is kind of clever.  I think I'll install one in my bedroom door, and before I let Ben come to bed tonight, I am going to make him give me the password... what would be a good one?



Jill said...

Kids are vicious. And it is worse when they get to school. The whole password thing made me think of Cable Guy. I've never watched the whole thing but everytime I hear the word password I think of that movie. Ha ha!

Maybe your kids' password should be brat 'cuz it sounds like that's exactly what those other kids are being!!!

Becky in Wyo said...

I think there's a certain kind of kid knowledge that just gets passed from neighborhood/school kid to neighborhood/school kid, or from older siblings to younger siblings. And parents never pick up on where it comes from. "Where in the world did you get THAT?!!" That's why the oldies-but-goodies or the oldies-but-baddies stick around from generation to generation.