Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Boys are Famous! Well, Sort of...

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go to a couple of local schools and thank them on the behalf of the military for their time, effort and support by sending in the most letters to the soldiers this last year.  It was great fun and even though, Sam was in school, I took Nephi who wanted to wear his ACU's like daddy.

I didn't think anything of it, but when we got there, little Nephi stole the show.  He didn't mean to, he's actually really shy, it's Sam who's the ham.  But he looked so cute in his little camo that everyone wanted to see him and give him high fives.

As we were walking in, a large group of giggling girls were walking past.  Now, I was standing with two full grown, good looking guys in uniform, but it was Nephi they were pointing at.

"He's SOOOOO cute!!!" One of them said.

"Sorry, guys," I said to the soldiers.  "They're not talking about you guys."  We all got a good laugh about that one.

Anyway, there was a reporter and a photographer there, and we thought that maybe there would be a piece in the paper today or even on the website.  And guess what?  There was!  I clicked over to the website and there they were right on the front page! (Now I just need to get a hold of the paper for the scrapbook!)

Here's the link if you want to check it out:

My only regret is that I wish Sam would have been there!!!

Here are a few others I took:


Update: I ran around town and got a few newspapers. It wasn't on the front page, but as soon as I turned it, there it was!
I'm just tickled pink about the whole thing!!  (As if you can't tell!)


Photina said...

Awww. How sweet! And I can see why they were talking about him. He is adorable in his ACU's like his dad.

Heidi said...

That is so awesome! Glad Ben was able to go and thank the kids for their hardwork. It's great that they wrote letters to the soldiers. I bet it really makes their day to get one. That little Nephi is so cute in his uniform!! Best thing you ever bought them huh. :o)

Holly said...

That is too cute!!

So, is Daddy Nut... what, exactly? Active Duty? Guard? Green to Gold? ROTC?

My husband and I have been hashing this out for an exorbitant amount of time and can't figure it out. So much for wonder twins activation...

Mama Nut said...

He's in the Army Reserves right now, and ROTC. He's attached to a Civil Affairs unit and also attends the school ROTC program, so his ranks are a little confusing right now. I am still trying to figure everything out. Not all ROTC guys are attached to a unit, but Ben is because he enlisted first, before contracting with the ROTC. I hope that makes sense!