Friday, September 3, 2010

My Big Nose

Am I the only one who gets a big nose when their pregnant?

Well, I know I'm not the ONLY one because my sister's gets big too.  I don't know why it does it, it's kind of weird don't you think?

I used to love it when I was a lot heavier because I felt that a bigger nose made my big face look smaller.  No, I am not putting myself down... it's a fact!  I really do have a big head!  I like to blame it on my Scandinavian blood.  It's not too big now that I lost weight, but before I felt like a bobble-head at times.  Poor Sam got those genes I am afraid... he has quite the noggin too.

But that's ok!  There is nothing wrong with a big head, right?

And it's even better to have a big nose to go along with it!  Even if it is just temporary.

My nose usually doesn't start putting on the grams until the 5th month (picture on the right is 7 months with Nephi), but this time it started early, like it knows the ropes.  That's alright, just as long as it doesn't keep growing and/ or give me totally undesirable stretch marks on my face like those old men you see!  Having them on my belly is bad enough, please Mother Nature don't make me wear them on my face!



Jennifer said...

Interesting that you write about this!! With my last 2 kids I saw a picture of me after I gave birth and I thought 'Wow, my nose is HUGE' I have 5 1/2 more weeks til my 3rd so we will see if the big nose thing happens with this kid!1 Perhaps, water gets retained in the nose :)

Becky in Wyo said...

Can I just say, I think you look fabulous!! You can really tell the difference between the pictures!

I hope you will feel great during this pregancy, now that you are nearly 100 pounds lighter than your last one. I always wished I had lost weight before each one of my pregnancies, but no, I just gained more weight after each kid instead of losing it. But I knew after this last one, that I was going to beat the cycle and get under 200, no matter what!

tktakesphotos said...

Yes my nose grows and swells along with my belly. I feel most of my water retention goes to my face.

I think you look beautiful too!

Amanda said...

I never had the nose issue- my buddy during the last pregnancy did, and she had it bad. I just have the horrible acne. I was hoping to skip that this time, but it's worse. Urrggh! Hormones!