Thursday, September 30, 2010

Craving P's

Silly, I know, but last night as I ran the foods that I craved through my head, I realized they all started with a P.  How weird is that?  Maybe this next baby is going to be more OCD than Sam?  I sure hope not!  Maybe my body is just being super particular... It's so weird!

But I really want:

Pepsi (the diet variety)
Pot roast
Parfait (strawberry)

Particularly pickles and Diet Pepsi together... I know it sounds crazy as heck, but the pickles make the Pepsi taste SOOOOO good!!  And I even got Ben to agree to this after a forced taste testing... there was no way I was going to go to bed last night lying next to man who thinks I am a lunatic!

Tell me, what are you favorite/ weirdest pregnant (or PMS) cravings?



Ana said...

I didn't really have any weird combo cravings like that, but with my first, it was ice cream. Specifically, moosetracks ice cream. I actually threatened my husband once when he reached for it, so we started having to buy two cartons, one for each of us.

This is probably why I gained so much weight that pregnancy...

Meagan and John said...

believe it or not I had ADHD as a kid and still had ADD as a young adult and so when I got pregnant at the age of 19 I was still on medication for it and so my doctors suggested I stop taking my ADD meds for the safety of the baby and said I should instead drink one caffeinated soda in the morning to make up for me not taking the medication--so I piced diet pepsi and for a month every morning I would eat a peanut butter sandwich and drink a diet pepsi--loved it!!!unfortunately the caffeine in the diet pepsi wasn't enough to help with my ADD so they put me back on the lowest dose of the pill I was taking and I took it for the rest of my pregnancy but for the longest time (even after the baby was born) my favorite thing was diet pepsi and peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches--now I don't get to drink caffeine (I developed a sensitivity to it) so peanut butter sandwiches will never taste so good

I truly craved Olives though, use to eat hole cans at a time for lunch at work when I was pregnant, I loved me my olives (still do just don't eat entire cans by myself anymore--turns out Dominic loves them also)

Jill said...

Reese's peanut butter cups. Every pregnancy. Haagen Daz ice cream (the almond chocolate bars) were my favorite when I was pregnant with my first. And mexican food. Chips and salsa galore.

But this last baby was the strangest of all. If ate sugar, I got so sick. And any dairy. Still have this problem while I'm nursing. He doesn't handle it well when I eat those things. So we'll wait 'til I'm done nursing.

Hormones do strange things to our cravings that is for sure!

Ruth said...

With my first, it was Spaghetti O's and Cheetos together, as well as Jerky! I could not eat Tuna or Cheerios with any of my pregnancies, which I love both.

Carrie and Karl said...

I was kind of disappointed by my cravings. I'd always wanted a good excuse to eat ice cream and candy. Instead I craved normal foods. With my first boy I craved milk and steak (which I hadn't ever really enjoyed. It was funny to crave something I didn't like to eat.) My second boy I craved chinese food, and crunchy vegetables, I couldn't get enough carrots, celery, peppers, etc. My third boy I don't remember any distinct cravings. I just ate normally (which is probably why I barely gained any weight and had lost what I did gain by the time he was 2 weeks old.

Jordan said...

I haven't ever tasted any so I can't really call this a craving, but ads for alcohol on TV look so satisfying when I'm pregnant. Sometimes that's the first thing to clue me in that I'm expecting. It's certainly weird to me.