Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's to Come!!

We have a lot of stuff coming next week to the Nutshell!  I don't know why I do this to myself, you would think I would spread stuff around and do it a little at a time, but you know me!  I have to crunch it all together in one week to get it done and over with!

For those of you who visit and read me often, you know that I love to write and am not SUPER big on taking much time doing giveaways and stuff.  HOWEVER, I know my readers love an occasional chance to get a prize so I hardly ever turn down a offer to give one... I just put if off until I can do a couple at a time.  Makes life so much easier for me.  Selfish huh?

Anyway, next week, the challengers of the 120 miles, should be hitting their 100 mark on the 15th (tomorrow actually) so one of them is going to get an $80 gift certificate to spend at a CSN site on whatever they want: table lamps, toys, bedding, of whatever they want!  (Now this was a hard one to do, because I had the option of doing a review and using it myself... tempting... but you, my challengers have worked SO HARD!!  I just HAD to reward one of you!

Also, on Monday, I will be having an OPEN giveaway for one of my favorite products!  EcoSmart is going to let me giveaway another one of their package deals, and I am pumped because I have this stuff and it's GREAT!

On another note, the new challenge I announced yesterday has already had a great response!  I have a handful of people already rearing to go, and I know there are lots of you thinking about it or putting off signing up... don't worry you still have a few weeks to decide and send me an email.  It isn't hard or time consuming to sign up, and trust me, it will be a ton of fun!!

I posted the link to the point list on the right side bar under the announcement!  Go and check it out before you decide even and see what it's about.  Notice that I am open to more suggestions!  I actually already have a few more ideas I am going to add next week.  There will be updated ones loaded on every once in a while too.  But I wanted to get the first one up, just so you can get an idea of what this challenge really is.

Hope to hear from more of you soon!!!

Let me leave you with a few pictures I took yesterday that make me smile!!

You caught me... been playing around in photoshop again... I admit it!  I am totally addicted!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!



Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Your son is adorable. What sweet pictures. I could totally go for a pair of slippers like that right this second. They look so comfortable and PERFECT! Have a great week on your blog :)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh you're so sweet and giving to do the CSN for US!!! I can't wait! I gave the first 2 CSN gift cards away but the 3rd, haha, I decided to be selfish on!! Your little boy is SO stinkin' cute!