Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Queen Reigns!

Lately with the heat, water turned off every so often, and the constant battle of fans, I have been feeling a little crowded in our little nutshell.  Closed in, I guess you could say.  At first I thought maybe I was just gaining weight and filling in the space, making it seem smaller... but a quick trip to the scale disproved that theory.

I am pretty convinced that it is that I am quickly approaching the big three-o and still live in student housing... we have been living in little places like this since we got married nearly 6 years ago -- and worse there is no light at the end of the tunnel right now.  We still have 3 years left here... THREE years!  Can I survive!?  Well, I had better, because we don't really have any other options.

I try not to complain too much, because I know that Ben is working hard and doing the best he can, but my heart longs to have a house of our own!  My hope lies in the fact that sacrifices, in the end, always pay off.  I know I will have my house someday, I just want to be young enough to enjoy it!

Meanwhile, I just do the best that I can and count my blessings.  Having gratitude for the things I DO have, has been the key to my sanity!  I am thankful for our good health.  I am thankful that in an economy such as this, we can pay our bills and even enjoy a few extras like a low-cost gym pass and Netflix.  I am grateful we have food to eat and health insurance through the military.  I am happy that even though we don't have AC or a swamp cooler, we were able to purchase a little AC unit on wheels that we can store in the winter.

I am grateful that Sam is growing well, and reaching new milestones everyday.

I am thankful for good friends, and kind neighbors.

We have two mostly working vehicles.

See?  What do I have to complain about right?  Life is good!

Last night when Ben came home from work late, he grabbed me up, held me in his arms, and whispered in my ear oh so romantically, "You are the queen of my rented castle!"  What a way to a girl's heart!

But at least I know when all else fails and I am feeling miserable, I just need to remember that at least I am still  the queen of the Nutshell!  (Even if it is rented)

The queen reigns!



Veronica Ernest said...

So funny. The grass is always greener on the other side. We bought a condo 3 years ago and we are stuck. We can't sell it and we can't rent it out and still cover our mortgage payment. Our family is growing out of it. I wish I was renting so I could have the option to live somewhere else.

Jill said...

I hear ya on the renting bit. We're still renting. It's a house but it isn't OUR house. I seriously don't know how you've lived in your little apt for so long but you're a trooper.