Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lost in Translation

Do your kids speak their own language?

One that ONLY you understand maybe 80% of the time on a good day?

My kids are that way more often than not.  Sometimes I have no idea what the heck they are talking about!  Take today for example.  I told them we were going to go run some errands and the first thing that pops out of their mouths is what they want to do once we leave.  After much commotion, I calmed them down, and they seemed to agree on two things they wanted to do.

1.  Eat big strawberry


2.  Go to K

Now, I had no idea what they were talking about and they got really angry at me when I told them I didn't know.  So my plan was just to ride around town until they pointed and let me know what it was.  Which worked.

K equals K-Mart.  For some unknown reason they really love this store.  Which turned out great because they had some excellent prices on the back to school stuff.

About the eating of a big strawberry, I was really confused.  First off, Sammy was really adamant about it, and he HATES strawberries!  It wasn't until we pulled into the Staples parking lot that the boys went ballistic in the back seat yelling about eating a big strawberry.  I was still confused until I followed their flying fingers and saw...


The big strawberry was the big chili pepper on the front of the restaurant.  I should have known... they wanted to eat at Chili's.

I was okay with that!


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Phannie said...

Your boys have great taste. I love Chili's!!