Friday, August 6, 2010

Fat Butt Friday: Quitting Carbonation Changes Everything!

Most of you know about my on-going battle with diet sodas.  I didn't grow up a huge soda drinker and never was really until I got pregnant with Sam.  In the mornings, I couldn't drink any fluids without getting sick until I tried Diet Coke.  It felt so good in my unstable tummy, that it was all I wanted to drink... and I started a bad habit.  Now I knew what I was doing.  I don't, and never will, claim ignorance as an excuse, that's just not me.  I take full responsibility for my ways.

I am Cat, and I am a recovering coke-a-holic.

For the last 5 years it has been an ongoing battle with Diet Coke (and Diet Pepsi -- it was so bad I didn't even discriminate!)  I have tried MANY times to give it up, and every time I found myself giving in and going back.  I just couldn't stand being away!  There was nothing so glorious then a mega huge, ice cold, diet soda sitting next to me!

But last month, I knew it was time to say goodbye (for the last time!) to my old friend (or enemy) and give it up for good.  However, this time, I wasn't going to fool myself into thinking I could just give it up.  No, this time, I was going to quit carbonation all together.  Just stop, cold turkey.  No weening, no "cutting back", just stop!

And I did.

The first week, I found that I was disappointed.  I thought I would have this major weight loss right after I quit. I actually gained a few pounds, much to my horror!   Then I realized that I was eating more to make up for drinking my favorite treat.  So I decided that I needed to just drink more water and juice, and count/ watch my calories like my health depended on it!  (Which it does.)

I think I first noticed the difference in me during the 5K last month.

I was SHOCKED when for the first time, I didn't get side cramps during the run.  Not even a little one!  So I went home and looked it up on the internet only to find that I was right, there is a connection.  Apparently, my abstaining from carbonation made it so my lungs, muscles, and other parts were receiving more oxygen preventing those pesky and uncomfortable cramps.

Then a week after that, I noticed that it no longer takes my body as long to warm up during my runs.  It ALWAYS took a mile to really warm up my muscles.  Now it barely takes a half a mile to do the same thing.

Another week after that, I noticed my sweat patterns are different.  WAY different.  Most of my life, that I can remember, I have never been a big sweater when I worked out.  I used to think that was cool, then I learned it was bad because your body wasn't getting rid of the toxins like it should.  It seemed I wasn't sweating when I should, and I sweat too much when I shouldn't (that was embarrassing sometimes).  Then about a week ago, I noticed that I haven't been sweating so much at night or during the day, and when I work out I work up a major, MAJOR sweat, and I feel SO GOOD!

It's been a month now that I have been "clean".  And I am only just started to see the benefits of giving up soda... it's amazing.  It DOES make a difference!  And it changes EVERYTHING.

A HUGE congrats to our challengers that have made the 120!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I, myself, hit my goal this week -- Yippy!  A heads up to challengers who are lagging a little behind:  there are some prizes to be won in the next week for those who hit the big 100 or more by the 15th, so keep it up, most of you are well on your way!!

Here are a few inspiring words from our challengers (my favorite part of the week is reading these updates!)

Shan B says:

Only 10 more to go but I'm also happy to say that I do believe that this has become a REAL part of my mornings. I'm gonna have to figure out when I'm going to do it when the kids go back to school. Maybe right after I drop them off...since we'll be walking anyway...but that means I won't look like a "HOT MOM" @ drop off time. LOL...oh well...I'll look better when I pick them up.

Summer reports:

I just wanted to say that I am so glad my friend told me about your challenge and I signed up! It has kept me motivated and when I could walk for two weeks because of a stress fracture I felt yucky not walking and couldn't wait to walk again! So now that I am back on track I am pumped and ready go! I officially signed up for half-marathon with some encouragement from a girlfriend that wants to do it! I am gonna try and run some of it but know that I wont be able to run the whole thing just not to that point yet! I am very excited for the half marathon coming up the first weekend of Sept. it will be so exciting to accomplish something like that especially after never thinking I could never do something like that! I had gained 10lbs back when I went on vacation to Cali but I proud to say that I have lost the ten already and hope to continue to lose and not get stuck at no weight loss again! I still have 40lbs to go but I am proud of myself at what I have accomplished so far! I am finally doing something that is for me and only me! Having five kids and a husband that I do everything for I had to finally do something for me and it feels good!!

and Babeesmama shares:

I wanted to thank you for doing this challenge and allowing me to do it with you. When I started this challenge, I mostly did it to support your challenge and hopefully lose a little weight along the way. For a while I was actually gaining weight, but feeling better overall. Now I've lost 5 pounds and I'm back down to the weight I want to be. More importantly, I'm actually enjoying taking walks with my family. I used to dread our family walks and try to get out of them. I've also learned that walking helps me feel less stressed and helps me mentally work through the things that are weighing me down. Anyway, thanks for encouraging me to improve my life and through the process, helping me teach my children the importance of exercise and healthy living!

I just want to say thanks to all of you who have made this challenge so much fun!  It makes me cry to see it coming to an end.  What a wonderful, memorable summer this has been!  I hope that many of you will join me in my fall challenge (to be announced next week) and help me open doors to reach new, greater, and funner levels!

Have a great week!

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The Queen Vee said...


Cat,I gave up diet sodas 5 months ago for the last and final time and like you, cold turkey. Also like you I gave up all soda. I think I might have mentioned to you before that I have bone loss from drinking Diet Coke. Often over the past several years I've had mammograms that required a further look and they attribute that to Diet Coke. Weight gain around the middle, Diet Coke. One of the biggest differences I've found since quitting is that my arthritis pain has diminished by over 85% in my hips and hands. I actually talked to a Doctor about that and he said many patients say the same thing. One other thing is I don't have the urge to snack as much, especially at night. Diet colas make you feel hungry all the time. I figure that if I save the money that I was spending on sodas by the end of the year I'll be able to buy two smashing outfits. Don't go back ever to the evil soda dark side!