Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Water Bottle

Growing up on a small farm, I was spoiled when it came to good water.  We had our own well that would fill with real mountain spring water, and it was fabulous to the taste!  I loved our tap water... it was WAY better than any bottled water I had tried, and it still holds true when we go down to visit.

But now that I am spoiled, other tap water makes me gag.  I mean, sometimes it literally makes me retch, it's so gross.  Don't get me wrong, I always try to give it a go, but I just can't do it.  We even once got a filter for our tap, but it was so big in our little apartment sink, we had no room to put our dishes or even to fill a pot full of water... it was just silly!  Our fridge is small too, so we didn't even bother to buy one of those filter pitchers either.  Oh, well, we resigned, we'll just buy bottled water... And I loved the Sam's Choice brand at Wal-Mart and that is all the water I could bare to drink.  People make a stink about bottle water you know... they say it is mostly just filtered water, not mountain spring.  But to tell you the truth, I could care less what it was as long as it tasted clean to me.

Then one day a couple months ago, I was shopping around Shopko and I spotted these little babies on sale:

Picture taken from
What!?  Is that a filter on that water bottle?  I said to myself.  Could it really work?  Well, I decided to give it a try, I mean the worst that could happen is that they didn't work and I gave it to the boys... they don't care.  So I bought one, took it home and filled it with the worst tasting tap water in my apartment -- the bathroom sink water.

It. Was. FABULOUS!  Oh, my gosh, it was like drinking the water in a bottle or even water from back home on the farm!  It was a winner in my book, and so I rushed back to Shopko to by a spare filter (each one lasts through 300 bottles of water) and I also bought Ben one with an extra filter as well.

Well, Ben didn't think it was as cool as I did.

"I don't drink a lot of water," he reminded me.  I knew that, duh, I just thought a little gadget would get him pumped to at least try.  But he wasn't too impressed and after a few days the boys adopted his bottle and it ended up being kicked under our bed and forgotten.

As for my own, I use it EVERY DAY and fill it up at least 8 - 10 times.  It is a perfect size and fits right in my purse, and it never even leaks!  It fits in my cup holder in the car, too... and it is virtually unbreakable (knock on wood) because I have dropped it many times only to have it remain in perfect condition. 

A couple months go by...

Then last night, as I was checking my email, Ben was lying on the bed behind me reading his new Popular Science Magazine.  Suddenly, I heard him let out this sharp grunt.

"What?" I asked.

"Huh, that's interesting..." He said more to himself than to me.

"What is?" I persisted getting a little annoyed.

He flipped over towards me and shoved his magazine my way.  This is what I saw:

Yeah, turns out my "stupid water bottle" made Popular Science Magazine's What's New section this month.  I chuckled, because I know my husband all too well.  I knew that my water bottle just became instantly cool.  And I was right!  Before I even finished reading the article, Ben was up and fishing around the room looking under the bed for his bottle that had been previously rejected.  He found it and took it into the bathroom, washed it up, filled it up and returned back to our room holding it like it was some precious prize of his... oh, pleeeeease...

He acted like he knew how cool it was from the beginning... I was trying not to laugh my head off.  BUT I lost it when he said, "HA!  And WE actually bought them WAY before this article came out!"  

Excuse me... "We"??

Sigh... Men... (Can you read my eye roll?)
Now it lives by the bed on his nightstand, instead of under it...

Note:  Sorry, I haven't posted in a while.  My mom always taught me: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  Well, the last few days I just couldn't think of anything nice to say, if you know what I mean.  But today, things are looking up!  Have a great day!


Maranda said...

Hahahahahaha!!!! That is too funny!

That water bottle does seem really cool though. I love water! I drink water and coffee (and beer and wine) and that's it. Thanks for sharing!

Baseball Mom said...

Thanks for sharing. MEN!! LOL.

How often do you have to replace the filter?

Mama Nut said...

The filter is good for 300 refills or two months. Which is great! I bought mine at Shopko and they are on sale right now for a good price.

Tobi said...

Cool. I should get one for the Army Man before he deploys to Afghanistan. That's really a neat little gadget. Hysterical that Ben didn't think it was nifty until Popular Science said it was.

P.S. My husband's version of Popular Science is a website called Think Geek. If Think Geek says a product is awesome then it MUST BE SO. *Sigh*

Andrea said...

That is just TOO funnY!!

summerseverydaymoments said...

Hey Cat what section at Shopko do they have them? I cant seem to find them at mine! I want one cause our water in our town is so nasty!