Saturday, July 10, 2010

Today, Everyone Wins!

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Shannon over at My Baby Clothes Boutique asking me if I was interested in doing a review on my site.  I thought about it an looked the site over.  And I feel in love with these:

But I was so sad when I quickly realized there was no way Sam or Nephi would fit in those and since I don't have a baby...  Well, bummer!  I scanned the site and couldn't find anything that would fit my growing boys.  So I contacted her and told her my dilemma.  "Don't worry," she said.  "We do have something that would fit the boys!" and then she sent me these:

Not exactly hats I would ever choose out myself, but I think they looked pretty cute on the boys!  That's what I like best about product and site reviews:  That you get to try stuff you normally wouldn't buy, and most of the time end up loving it!

Now, whether you have a baby, going to have a baby, or even need a baby gift for a friend or family member, this site is SO worth checking out!  They have so much cute and fun stuff like: baby headbands, trendy baby hats, baby boy and baby girl clothes.  
Now, this is where everyone can win!  If you add My Baby Clothes Boutique to your list of favorite sites, and then email Shannon at, you will recieve a $10 gift certificate to use on their site.  So pop on over and check it out.  Hopefully you will enjoy looking around as much as I did!

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