Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Okay to Disagree!

I am a very opinionated person.  I can't help it.  My parents taught me to think for myself and form my own conclusions.  Sometimes, I think I come on a little strong, sorry about that.  I get a little passionate about my stand on life and everything else and in between.  However, you'll find that I will admit when I am wrong, I appreciate a good argument with facts and logic, and am respectful of other's beliefs and opinions, at least I try to be.

I do have a few pet peeves though.

1.  When people agree with me ALL the time even when I know they don't agree!  To share a belief is one thing, yay!  But to actually disagree with me and then lie about it and say you agree to save face, well, I find that a bit cowardly... and extremely annoying.  I'm not really a scary person and I won't bite your head off if you disagree. And be careful, because I can be tricky, just to test you...

Me:  So I really hate this book...
Annoying friend:  Yeah, me too.
Me:  Did you read it?
AF:  Yeah....
Me:  Didn't Tom drive you crazy!?
AF:  Oh, totally!
Me:  That's weird... there is no Tom in the book.

Busted!  or...

Me:  I think Huggies is way better than Pampers!
AF:  Oh, yeah!  No competition!
Me:  Hey, do you know what sounds yummy!?
AF:  What?
Me:  Chocolate covered pickles!
AF:  Ooooo that sounds good.
Me: Really?!  That's gross!!  I was just kidding...

Busted again!

2.  Another pet peeve is when I am pretty good friends with someone for a while until I say I don't like one thing they do, and then they won't talk to me anymore.  Have you ever had "fair weather" followers?  I lost 5 follows last winter when I wrote a post about not liking it when people take their sick kids out in public.  So they disagreed... big deal, get over it and move on, they seemed to like all my other stuff, right?  Some people get offended to easily.

3.  I also seem to lose followers/ readers when and if I ever even mention or touch on the three things I never, hardly ever, only mentioned a few times subjects:  Religion, Politics, or Twilight.

People, it's okay to disagree.  We can't all think the same or we would all be after the same guy, want to live in the same house, eat the same kind of food, and basically all be zombies!! Be your own person!

Thank heaven we live in a free country!!!  (Well, most of us do)  And we can celebrate the RIGHT to disagree!  Yippy!  I can tell you from experience it is no fun when all your only friends think the same way.  I am totally into diversity, and I LOVE people who aren't afraid to take a stand.  And I love people even better when they can have a good sense of humor about things, and can laugh at themselves.

This month, let's celebrate our differences and everything that makes this country so great to live in!  Don't go running away from friendship because so-and-so drinks bottled water or throws away their plastic grocery bags!  You can still be friends with someone who won't take down their Christmas lights, and can invite your neighbor whose lawn is covered with campaigning signs of your less favorite party to your BBQ.

And if they can't stand you... well, that's their problem.  We all know that you rock!  And at least we can do the best we can.  Because honestly, we all have the same goal anyway right?  To be happy!  To find joy.  And to live life to the fullest.

So celebrate!!



Maranda said...

Hear, hear!! Great post! I promise to disagree with you as much as I can! LOL! Good for you for standing up for your own thoughts and opinions. And bollocks to those who can't!

Mama Nut said...

Hahahaha! Like any other opinionated person I love it when people agree with me... only if they mean it though!

Alicia said...

Thanks Cat! I really needed to hear this today. I'm having a lot of woes me do to a lost friendship and I just need to move on.

Jill said...

I can't stand Twilight so you can count on me not to get offended. But I think we can all have our opinions and still be friends. Thanks for this post!

Amy said...

I am going to have to disagree with you Cat... :)