Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Love Her Style!!

I have been meaning to write a post about this for a while now, but it keeps being pushed aside for various reasons.  So today I am just going to hunker down and do it!

I have a great neighbor, whom I have grown to love dearly.  Her name is Kellie.

Now, I have never met anyone like Kellie, which makes me like her even more!  When it comes to friends, I am kind of like a collector.  I don't like all my friends to be the same -- imagine a rock collector with only one type of rock in his collection -- boring!  I like the different varieties of people life has to offer, because it makes it so much better!  I have never had a friend like Kellie.  I could sit for hours, (sometimes I do!) and listen to her stories of traveling the world.  She tells me all about different cultures and their ways, and best off all about their food!  You all know how I love food!  She makes me laugh with all her little ways that make her great in my eyes, and sometimes she even makes me cry -- she has some really sad stories too!

Seeing Kellie always makes my day a little brighter.  She comes outside when I am out with the boys, and we chat.  She genuinely cares about people.  Sometimes I brush her concerns off and tell her that it doesn't matter that it's THEIR problem not hers, but she doesn't buy that and still worries about people.  Whenever I am feeling blue, she always seems to know and calls me!  Her timing is excellent and she always has kind words to share with me.  That's what I love about her!

Aside from everything else, Kellie has an amazing talent for photography.  And I'm not talking about the snap and print type -- she has an artistic eye for detail, composition, and texture that I haven't seen before.  Not to mention her amazing Photoshop skills that make her pictures a work of art.  I wanted to share some of her work with you and I hope don't embarrass her too bad, but she deserves some praise!

Here are a few shots she has taken of my boys:
Fourth of July Nephi
His Parents are Exhausted

And she has been working on a whole series of playground toys.  She likes to see where the kids left them the night before, and some mornings I will look out my window and Kellie in the sand taking pictures.  They are actually pretty cool!  Here is one of them:
My favorites are of the tractors and a random dinosaur that used to live in the sand, but is currently MIA.  But to see those, you're going to have to go check out her flickr account.  I think she should have her own website and sell prints!  Don't you!?

Unless there was some miscommunication issue, this pictures were used by permission of Kellie.

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Ruth said...

Kellie has amazing talent!